Las Pandillas legales de America/The Legal Gangs of Amerikkka

Tiny - Posted on 23 August 2011

Angel Garcia/Voces de inmigrantes en resistencia @ PNN

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Algunas veces  yo  me  sorprendo  a mi mismo  cuando  la pandilla  legal  de America  la  policia  abusa de su poder  para esforsar la leyTodos  sabemos que eso no es nada nuevo pero, lo que llamo mi attencion es cuando vi un reportaje en la television de cuando alguien  llamo  a  la  policia  a la casa  de una  familia  mexicana y ellos les digieron a la familia que le bajaran a la musica,  ellos respetaron las ordenes pero la policia  todavia pateo la puerta  y empesaron  a golpear  a todos en la  casa. 


Si ustedes me preguntan  a mi,  ellos  estaban siendo racistas  con esa familia, por que son mexicamos y por la manera en que ellos fueron tratadosLa familia va a poner una demanda  contra  la policia. Cuando yo vi ese reportaje  me  regreso a mi pasado  cuando yo tenia 17 años, yo y unos amigos  despues de la escuela.  Nos paro  la policia y nos ordenaron que nos tiraramos al suelo y despues un policia salio de la nada  y me pateo duro en e cuello y me decia:  "yo odio a los mexicanosen ese tiempo yo todavia era un menor y mi madre tenia  el poder de tomar accion, pero mi madre  tenia  miedo porque las personas le decian que nadie le podia ganar contra la policia  y que tomando, accion toda la familia podia ser deportada. 


Por eso me gusta de que esta familia va tomar accion contra policia de Los Angeles porque ellos nesecitan saber que no esta bien que abusen de las personas, solo porque ellos tienen el poder.  Lo que paso en mi caso fue que despues que el policia  fue investigado  fuimos a la corte  para explicar el caso.  Solo me dijieron que el Iba ser traslado a otro estado, pero que si el golpiava a alguien mas yo podia testificar  en su casoY a mi casi me dio un ataque cuando oi esto  porque ellos pueden abusar de las personas y nomas los regañan y los dejan ir. Por eso me gusta que  esta familia  va tomar  esta accion.


Engles sigue

Sometimes I get surprised when the police—the legal gang of America--abuse their power
to enforce the law. We all know that it’s nothing new, but what caught my attention--
enough to take time to write some lines--was that the other day when I was watching the
news on TV...

I see this report about how the police were called to the house of a Mexican family in Los
Angeles. They told them to lower the music. They did lower it, but the police still kicked the
door down and started hitting everybody in that house. If you ask me they were just being
racist with that family, because they were Mexicans. And because of the way they were
mistreated they're going to make a complaint against the Los Angeles Police Department.

When I saw that report, it took me back in time to when I was only seventeen years old.
Me and some vatos after school got stopped by the San Francisco Police and they told us
to get down and spread like an eagle. Then out of nowhere, one comes from behind and
kicks me really hard and tells me, "I hate Mexicans." At that time I was still a minor so my
mother had the power to take action. But my mother got scared because people told her
that nobody wins against the police and that in the end the whole family was going to get
deported if we fought back.

That’s why I like the fact that this family in LA is going to take action against these pigs;
because they need to learn that it's not okay to push people around just because they
have the power to. What happened in my case was that after that pig was investigated, we
went to court to stand in front of a judge, just so they could tell me that he was gonna be
transferred to a different state. They said if he hits somebody else I could go and testify
against him. I'm like, "Why they telling me that it's ok to hit people and just get a slap on
the wrist and walk away like nada?" That’s not cool.

People need to wake up and really resist the police abuse in our barrios. That’s why I took
the time to write this article our barrios."
That's really funny, because in Mexico, where the cops would be your fellow Mexicans, the brutality is far worse, and the hope of redress by filing a suit or complaint would be practically non-existant. If you think things are bad in "Amerikkka," why don't you do some research about you ancestral homeland, and then "take the time" to write a article of thanksgiving that you live in the U.S.

about police brutality. It is obvious that you have never experienced it, as your comments clearly suggest. Had you experienced it first hand, you comments wouldn't be flippant. I doubt you've been to Mexico. Your comments appear to come from information gleaned from Cursory glimpses of corporate media sources--cliche at best. If you want to help, be less obtuse/arrogant (as most pundits tend to be) and get involved in changing the situation...or perhaps you're part of the problem.

It is equally clear that you have not experienced police brutaliy, either. Particularly not in Mexico.
And, unlike you, I have been in Mexico many times.
Am I far from wrong when I guess that you're a college student with a lot of ideas and very little life experience?
Good luck with your education, especially if you rely on sites such as this for your information.

So you think youve been to Mexico? Its obvious you only went to Tijuana or to Cancun with your college bodies on vacation, (helping tourism). Thank you for your help and contibution. Not! If you were a well informned Mexican you would know the only reason there is so much violance in the south is because the north (USA) sends thousands of illegal unregulated weapons to the south and at the same time drugs move north. This is what creates the violence. Supply and demand. Don't believe the hype. I would go back to Mexico but the root of all evil lies in the US and I teld to take it out from the roots. Don't ever consider yourself knowledgable about life in Mexico. Being a tourist does not give you the right. HAve fun debating life in Mexico with people that are actually from there they will probably realize within 5 minutes that their wasting their breath. And it looks as if you relly on this site for something as well so consider yourself a hypocrite.

...the only thing I rely on this site for is amusement.

So the "well-informed" Mexicans think that the US is the sole cause of the violence in Mexico, do they? Well, I suppose that's more comforting than to admit that they and their counrtymen have created what is threatening to become a failed state. Except,of course, for the fact that it puts all the power in the hands of the gringos. After all, if supply and demand in the US can destroy their country, Mexicans are pretty helpless, aren't they? And things must be really bleak down there, if the people prefer the alleged police brutality of the US to life in their homeland. Oh, but I forgot: you're only staying here because the US is the root of all evil, and you "teld" to take something out of those roots. Good luck with that, whatever it means.

By the way, none of this changes the point of my original post: as much as you may dislike the police in this country, I still bet you'd rather deal with them than the cops south of the border.

Should I also thank some one for punching me in the face, because they didn't kick me in the nuts also?


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