23 Years of Afrikan Royalty

root - Posted on 16 July 2001

by Staff Writer

I couldn’t rite bout
madness, da sadness.

Until I cried, outloud

shoutin WHY?

How can 8 cops go free
after brutaly killin

23 years of Afrikan

Basque resistance to
Spain and France.

Da devils wit a blue
dress on, Idriss danced

tango, modern, tap

in sweat shop slavery pants.

But it ain’t his last

hís dancin hip hop

on da top of our domes

his spirit iz still in
da homes of our hearts

he will not part.

He struggled 2 manifest
his life.

He wuz gonna take mi
cousin Summer fo his wife.

It ain’t rite

robbin him of wut he had
2 sweat, slave fo 2 git.

Killin people wit a
badge on or not ain’t legit.

Pump my blood 2 a boil

I go mad can’t stop bein

just wanna git high on bomb

fight da pigs 2 da fat
ladeez laugh.

Cuz dis shit ain’t gonna

Mi Comrade, Mi Frend
wanted 2 stop da blood

he’s now dead in flesh

not in spirit.

His dream lives on mo den
thru hearin it

We steerin dis car ( bout 2 crash)

on 2 a new road, new

of police watch, cop

I am tired of watchin

we gotta du mo den

Cuz marchin in October every year

wit permission from City
Hall iz not

combatin against da LAW

ordinances, policies

dats compromisin yo

need sum relief fo his

can’t close her eyes
can’t sleep

she continues 2 weep

salty tears seeped down deep

in 2 canals no one dares go

not even "u" but intrigued
"u" du

It’s mo den cigarette bein

its mo den da movie

symbolic meaninz

warnin signs

danger signs

symtoms of not bein able 2

cuz da oppressors pressin
hard on skulls

childhood troubles

daily frustrations

global crisis connected 2 da
local newz

"Young man shot ova 20 tymes
bi 8 cops"

trained 2 kill 2 lock "u" up

Expandable mentality

How many lives gotta go till
da reality

helps us grip down tite

git a handle

dey view us like we da
light a candle fo b.dayz &

light a candle fo da dead

dat we will continue 2 c
mo clearly

cuz I luv all mi bradas
& sistahs dearly.

Comrades.. Warriors

change up battle plan 2 b mo

take it 2 a new level

Cuz we gotta score 2 settle.

1 luv 2 Idriss & all his

We will git justice!

We will git FREE!

Peace, Jewnbug


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