Who Owns the Media?

Tiny - Posted on 12 September 2011

Bruce Allison (writer-facilitator Ro Seidelman)

September 12, 2011

The people who control the first level of information available to us, through our TV sets, billboards, and radios, are a select few. Rupert Murdoch owns Dish Network. AT&T owns Direct TV. Comcast (now known as XFinity) is run out of a corporation in Mexico City that owns the majority of cable networks around the world. These are just the major ones, the heavy hitters. If I didn’t mention any of the others, thank God that you’re not controlled by them.

There are four major television networks. Let’s start slow with NBC. NBC owns 16 major media operations in television, film, and radio. Their parent is Sony Corporation. That’s why Telemundo’s telenovelas are similar in style to Japanese soap operas. This is why TV is all interconnected, across the world.

Second off the bat is CBS, is the biggest crook of the bunch. They not only own the usual suspects, like TV and movie studios, but also CBS outdoors, which controls 90% of all billboards across the United States. They own movie companies CBS Films and Showtime, the cable movie channel that broadcasts boxing and special-interest sports. Don’t forget the gossip magazine, where we can learn all the background info on our favorite CBS celebs! And...an ecological lobbying group called EcoMedia, that works to harness the “vast untapped resevoir” of advertising space, to partner municipalities and NGOs with “ecologically-minded” corporations.

Thirdly: Disney owns ABC. Disney also owns ice shows, cruise ships, snack packs..., and a bunch of other things too long to list in this article. Let’s just say our computer crashed trying to conduct research on the Disney website. Let’s just not forget ESPN and the videogame Aaron Stone, as well as Touchstone Pictures, and Disney’s affiliate, the all-encompassing Nestle. That’s all we’ll name at this time, just a bit.

Last but not least. FOX, owned by Rupert Murdoch, a man who claims three citizenships: Australian, British, and American. This is the scariest man of the bunch, the biggest of the monsters in the group. Rupert Murdoch owns large portions of all print media in North America, South America, and Australia; all the major British newspapers; financial news from Barron’s to the Wall Street Journal; a “diverse” communications group known as SKY; and Dish Network…This takes up a lot of homes in the United States and the rest of the world. Murdoch also owns the usual FOX, Star Cable channel, National Geographic Channel, and several more stations that I’ll leave unnamed...except of course the ultra-conservative FOX news, lest we forget Murdoch controls how our histories and stories are shown to the public. That’s all I’ll say at this time—don’t wanna get arrested!

Now you know who owns you. If you own a TV or computer…these are the people who own what you see, hear, and taste, from movies to candy bars.

This is Bad News Bruce, signing out.

...isn't owned by Murdoch.

Greaat Article,about the propaganda machines..

thank you I not that good

I am glad to hear WHY the world is so bent on using USA music, movies, and events. Why is it that even in Europe and Mexico the clubs only play the hottest trends of Music that come out of the USA. Is it that no other countries have talented Musicians? (If you call it talent) Its all connected and so many are blind to this reality. Even in Barcelona in the mist of all the art and culture, durring the night show at Plaza Montjuic infront of the Barcelona Palace they play loud music including ALL THE DISNEY SONGS, which I know cus yeah Im a girl and I saw all those movies, The titanic song, the Star wars song and on and on the list went. I wish it would have been silent instead of listening to that crap.

And maybe this person that responded thinks its ok to control all media but he probably has everything to gain from Mind control and advertising that which needs not to be worshiped any longer.

And yes mind controll is something to fear and to be boycotted, since 2003 I have given up TV and stopped listening to the radio. That simple action has put my mind in a state of REALITY, instead of listening to the lies of war, politics, fashion, false trends, anarexia and terrorism. I now can see problems that are infront of me, local issues, personal happines by simply knowing I have a place to live and food for the next day. I am much happier now, no advertisments of Zoloft, after everyshow telling you you can be happier and richer that you could ever imagine or seeing all those weight watching commercials killing the souls of every young girl. Down with the mind control of big institutions, until we realize how serious the problem is we will never be free to think, create and imagine things that these money hungry sharks would never imagine.

thank you I not that good

...Australian, British, and American. "

I would have thought, given Poor's support of a borderless world, that this would have met with approval.
Sorry, guys, but this piece will only inspire fear in those who let their service providers dictate their thoughts.
Doesn't include me.

Thank for look at it


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