It was a warm Night..

root - Posted on 16 July 2001

by Staff Writer

It was a warm night -

the kind that drips with pain

It was a warm night filled with whispers and screams

you can peel that kind of night away with your fingernails -

you can cry into that kind of night and noone will hear you

it was a warm night filled with you Idris...

he was depressed they say-

I’ve been depressed like that- Idris-

so dpressed that only hollywood can fix it

they say he said “i’m gonna die tonite”- -

i’ve said that Idris-

many times..many times

poverty, conflict, confusion, and distress- it drips too...

onto our collective foreheads...

when we’re trying to think

it fogs our minds -

“I just need to finish school - -everything will be ok - I can get through this... but I
can’t” - I heard your silent screams Idris - I heard you being tired of feeling that pain
and I heard it whispered in the halls of that gentrified palace that palace of mirrored
glass and the blood of a thousand of poor elders who once lived on that earth - who
died trying to stay there.

I heard you Idris through all that burgundy carpet, popcorn and glass-

I heard you idriss - cause I’ve been there..I am there...

and I don’t know you but I do cause I know that kind of pain - I know that kind of conflict-

but poverty and conflict don’t carry guns-

confusion and distress don’t shoot you

8 Big men who are hired to gentrify us out of theatres and concerts, houses and
neighborhoods. .who are paid to not understand - 8 white men who have the blood of
other brown men on their hands and the agenda of other white ones in their pockets-
these people shoot us and take away our life and our breath and our throughts and our
laughs and our time and our pain

and and take it away...

... forever-

- Tiny


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