A Freedom Fighter

root - Posted on 18 July 2001

by Staff Writer

I live in a country

Where cops carry guns

Those cops are plain scary

Unlike catholic nuns

I go to the theater

I am mentally ill

All I'm hoping is to watch movies

But not to be killed

My girlfriend is beside me

She knows my ways

She wanted to help me

To take me away

I told her in a whisper

"I am going to die.

Tonight is a full moon.

Our life is a lie"

"We live in a fake world

We are breathing a lie

So, what is the difference

And why not tonight?"

My girlfriend, she loves me

I know she did

She told me to shut

And she told me to quit

She wanted to help me

But I felt it was too late

My reality was slipping,

I just coudn't relate

I started disturbance

So, they called the law

They asked me to leave,

to go down with the flaw

I coudn't give up

So, I said to the pig

If you're ready for slaughter

Then you can have this gig

I pulled out my knife

And I charged without fear

But an old lady with the sickle,

She has always been near

I was trying slash him

to prevent future crimes

But he fired his gun—

I was shot twenty times...

My mother, my girlfriend

please, don't cry to much

I was born a free man

So, remember me as such

-Vlad Pogorelov


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