Poor Peoples Decolonize (Occupy) from Oakland to San Francisco

Tiny - Posted on 15 November 2011

PNN staff- Tony Robles, videographer, Carina Lomeli Editor

On Thursday, November 10th , poor, indigenous, mamaz, daddyz, sons, daughters from POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE and folx in solidarity  with Occupy Oakland and Occupy SF marched, spoke, and peacefully DECOLONIZED! - the govt spaces and places poor, landless and indigenous mamaz, daddyz, youth, im/migrante workers, elders and ancestors struggle with, get criminalized, incarcerated, deported and harassed by and are "occupied" with on the daily in AMerikkka. We *Decolonized" because these lands on turtle island are ALREADY Occupied, colonized and stolen indigenous land!


Decolonize #1 Oakland Po'Lice station - 7th n Broadway

From the Po'Lice who criminalize, arrest, incarcerate and/or harass po folks, workers and youth for sitting, sitting, standing, working or convening in public while po' black, brown or young... Who cooperate with ICE's  (immigration Customs Enforcement) racist, fascist S-COMM law even tho Oakland is supposedly a sanctuary city...and who "occupy' and perpetrate murder in our poor neighborhoods of color under the guise of safety and security...


Decolonize #2 Housing Authority/HUD

To Housing Authority/HUD who have thousands of houseless families and elders on section 8 and public housing wait-lists for 5, 10 and 15 years, in San Francisco and Oakland and all across Turtle Island - who instituted the One strike law to assist in the public housing GetntriFUKation project - ie evicting and removing families from public housing so they could be re-devil-oped into "affordable" public/private housing units that are only affordable to some people...and whose already stripped and hardly existent budget now faces a 30% budget genocide "cut" which like our compas at WRAP (Western Regional Advocacy Project) have reported many times, will mean there is nothing left in the housing budget AT ALL


Decolonize # 3 Alameda County Social Services (Welfare)

To "Social SErvices" who have already cut general assistance( welfare) down to 9 months for single, jobless adults ( so we starve for the rest of the 3 mos of the year)  to endless paperwork and obstacles thrown at poor families to discourage us from even pursuing welfare like our compas at Homeless Action Center (HAC) advocate po folks thru to the proposed budget genocide of the Food stamps program and Calworks- both of which enable po families to feed our babies and without which we could not survive ...


Decolonize #4 Immigration, Customs Enforcement (ICE) in San Francisco

To ICE which systematically separates, criminalizes, profits and incarcerates millions of poor workers, mothers, fathers, elders and children caught up in the diaspora of false borders created based on white supremacist, colonizer created maps across Pachamama


Love n respect to International Indian Treaty Council, Idriss Stelly Foundation, Education Not Incarceration, Homeless Action Center, Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP) San Francisco Bay View, Sf Living Wage Coalition, POOR Magazine, Peoples of color Caucus at Occupy Oakland,  United Playaz, Dignidad Rebelde, and all the removed, silenced and landless peoples across pachamama

...I can't help wondering: if "Amerikkka" is really controlled by white supremacisits who hate poor people of color, what's keeping them from getting rid of the poor, if all it takes to do it is to cut government spending?
And if govenment spending is all that's keeping poor people of color alive, shouldn't they be saying "thank you" to the (presumably white) taxpayers?
Just a thought.

for any capitalist nation to run it is greedy and needs labor, the only reason why all arent killed is because there has to be poor class for the rich to survive, your just replaceable... and also not only white folks pay taxes, come on now, i know u knew that

We're talking about people without jobs, who want free money to survive. How do they fit into the capitalist paradigm?


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