Borders Kills Babies: The Karla Story

Tiny - Posted on 07 December 2011

POOR Magazine Family with Ro Seidelman

December 7, 2011

"Sometimes I feel like,
Poor people, when they get ill,
We're destined to die."

Muteado's words—as family awaits more information, more ca$h, a miracle, to get cancer treatment for his 23-year-old niece Karla—reflects the broken US medical system. It's leaving undocumented folks without the right papers/papeles, poor folks without the right ca$h, the land full of folks without access to decent medical care, without the right to survive preventable diseases. From East Oakland to East Los Angeles, from New Jersey to Arizona, the broken system, blended with a heavy dose of racist anti-im/migrant policies, are killing children, mothers, fathers and elders by the thousands, by denying care, visas or access to financial support based on immigration status.

POOR Magazine is holding an emergency press conference at Highland Hospital on Friday to address this scary and heartbreaking injustice effecting mamas and babies.

In New Jersey, a five year old girl who desperately needs a bone marrow transplant is being sentenced to death, because the US State Dept denied a visa for her 7-year old sister in El Salvador who is her only bone marrow match.

Our POOR Magazine sister Karla, single mama to a 3-year old in East Oakland, said, “I want to stay alive for my son, he has no one to take care of him." She's currently a patient at Highland hospital, facing death in the ward, because she needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. But due to her immigration status, she cannot qualify for the support subsidies available for bone cancer.

All over the nation people are deported out of ICU instead of provided emergency surgeries, like the one Karla needs. Po'lice terror is brought to hospitals on the daily, as these big fancy privately funded state-kkkorupted institutions profile folks out of getting the chance to survive.

“These racist immigration policies and our the non-existent healthcare options kill poor children and mothers every day in the US,” said Lisa Gray-Garcia aka Tiny, an advocate for poor families and children and co-director of POOR Magazine, a grassroots, non-profit arts and advocacy non-profit organization based in the Bay Area

Come help us speak out against this nonsense cruelty!  (If you can't make the press conference but would like to donate to the fund for Karla's care- click here- indicate on your donation that it is for the "Karla Fund"

What: Emergency Press Conference to Save Lives
When: 12:00 noon Friday, December 9th
Where: in front of Highland Hospital- 1411 East 31st st – Oakland, Ca 94602

Yeah, and friends don't let friends drive drunk!

Dear Tiny, I met you years ago at a Homeless prenatal conference and You came to the Sheriff's Dept. to recite poetry and incite inspiration in the minds and hearts of the women I facilitated a group for (which was a Art Therapy group) whom you truly Blessed. I still work at The Iris Center and keep up with you and the organizations progress and just want to take this time out to say, " THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE,THE SPECIAL LOVING OPPORTUNITIES YOU HAVE HAD AND GIVEN TO OTHER'S. I HAVE WATCHED YOU AND THE ORGANIZATION GROW AND AFTER READING YOUR BOOK I KNOW THAT THE STRUGGLES YOUR MOM AND YOU WENT THRU WAS NOT/IS NOT FOR NOTHING OR FORGOTTEN". I am much Blessed myself in having met you and watching what you have done, doing and going to do. Unfortunately I haven't been able to attend much of the event's you and the organization have planned but I am praying for you so I am doing my part for you and the other's that work along side you. Take care and I will keep watching and praying for you all. Much Love and support, Deborah Jackson (Seigle) (newly married 2 months), Health/Wellness Counselor, Iris Center, 12 Gough St. S.F. CA. 94103, 415-864-2363 ext.245


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