HOMEFULNESS: The Struggle, the Vision, the Poor Peoples-led Revolution!

Tiny - Posted on 21 December 2011


From Removal to Reparations......From Houselessness to HOMEFULNESS…
From indigenous lands stolen to budget crumbs thow-en-
From  affordable housing in name only to rights to a roof by any means necessary…
From the cult of independence to the Revolution of inter-dependence…
From poverty-pimped housing po-lice to
Revolutionary equity for all Realized…!!!!.

After 500 years of removal, GentriFUKation, Anthro-Wrong-ology, akkkademik studies and philanthro-pimped capitalist compromises, and consumerist destruction POOR Magazine's family of landless, indigenous elders, ancestors, mamas, aunties, uncles, fathers and abuelitos, daughters and sons will be realizing the revolution that is Homefulness.  Its first resting place/its first creation space is located at 8032 MacArthur Av in Oakland ......read more

To Access a PDF of the HOMEFULNESS press packet with multiple stories and images of this revolutionary process click here

Incredibly powerful document

Vamos Prensa POBRE. Si se puede!


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