The Art of Mike "Dream" Francisco @ Manilatown Heritage Foundation

Tiny - Posted on 23 March 2012

"His work was all illegal," said John Francisco about his brother Mike "Dream" Francisco. PNN-TV is honored to feature the powerful work of revolutionary peoples artist Mike "Dream" Francisco. As a poor people-led, indigenous people-led arts organization we at POOR Magazine question the way in which this society criminalizes truly accessible art which is created for ALL peoples like Dream's work is and will always be and we commend this revolutionary ancestor for all he gave to all of us for so many years in the BAY!!!

PNN-TV camera and interviews: Tiny Garcia and Tony Robles. Editing Carina Lomeli and Tiny. Music by Ebone 415 and Ad Kapone, Rappin 4tay from the new CD In the Bay


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