The White Sand Beaches of Market Street

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White Sand Beaches of Market Street

By Tony Robles


A manong I’d met a

While back but whose

Name I couldn’t remember

Recently approached me on

Market Street


Hey Pinoy!

He said


I recognized him but

Didn’t know from where,

When or why so rather than

Pretend I said:


Oh Manong, long time no see,

I’ve missed you so much.  How

Are you, how is your family?  Oh

How I’ve missed you, you link to

My ancestral and indigenous past

(etc. etc. etc)


The manong looked at me like I’d

Lost my mind but smiled anyway

And we were out on a sunny day

On Market Street, just the two of us


He looked at me through

Thick glasses, the wind blowing

Through his thick head of hair

Overcome with gray and flecked with

Embers of memory dust


Have you ever been

To the Philippines?

He asked


No, I said but

Told him that I wanted

To go someday


You should go,

He said, they got

White sand bitches


You mean


Yes, bitches.  You

Hear of Boracay?


Yes, I heard of it.

Are there any other places

In the Philippines with

White sand beaches?


Yes…but Boracay is

A resort, hotels and

Bitches all over


I looked at the manong’s

Hair that was slowly

Turning sandy white like

A beach


I felt the

Breeze in

Our faces


We were in



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