Roblesque (To Al Robles with Love)

Tiny - Posted on 03 May 2012






            ¡Silencio!  Al Robles is missing

It’s way too quiet around here these days & we miss him

This one of a kind poetic daredevil

Transplanted culture personified  …  Adobo con Bebop

With an awe-inspiring playful impish smile

That always let the best in us know we were at home

Lifting up tradition anytime it lost its balance & tried to fall

Trading the tallest of tales in the park

Conjuring strength in ageless Spirits older than time

Or locked in a musical trance, happy to be completely

Under the spell of a Bobby Enriquez tune @ Bajones

A Pinoy Homeboy on a mission

The strength of his soul reborn with every Poem

A loveable rascal defying description

            ¡Silencio!  Where is he?

Al, the Fillmore Flipster

Stalking creativity with a vengeance

Finding pieces of creativity & truth everywhere

In everything

The eternal essence of intelligent existence

Leading him on, dancing word circles all around him

There were days when none of it made any sense, but

Then it was funny & beautiful, ridiculous or ugly

More than once it was both inspiring & tragic

Historic landmarks in the making, a blossoming

Myth building Poems, tons of Stories needing to be told

And they came pouring down like an unstoppable flood

A furious Waterfall

Out of the mouths of angry misused Farm Workers, and

Found themselves all tangled up in the irony of

A meal of Pilipino Soul Food

With a side of Mangos & Collard greens for dessert

            ¡Silencio!  If you were you listening

You could see the tongue in cheek brilliance in the way

He tasted every word as they rolled out of his mouth

In the way he digested the ambiance of Poems being born

And followed the rhythm of words as they came swaggering

Dancing in the streets of North Beach & Cesar’s Latin Palace

Squashed inhibition & found a good part of his heart in the trance

Of hotter than hot Jam sessions @ Jimbo’s Bop City

Al, a Fillmore Flipster, a clever predictable trickster

The undisputed Poet Laureate of Manila Town

Who comfortably wrapped himself in a mixture of


Smiley Winters, Kulingtang, Flip Nuñez & Sarah Vaughan

            ¿Silencio?  The Muse is in mourning

But there will never be enough tears

To wash away the legacy of his vision

The spiritual pride & integrity of his Poetry

Lives in the resurrection of the I-Hotel

Hides behind the hungry laughter of city slick Hustlers

Is buried beneath stolen visions & the exposure of

Soulless big time urban magicians who sell fantasies

To the disillusioned

His powerful word magic conjured

The reclamation of otherwise unacknowledged young men

Young men who’d left their all a world away

On the other side of a sea of broken dreams

But never forgot to take the time to heal, rejoice & laugh

As they partied, gambled, danced the Cha Cha & romanced

Nights & sore backs away @ the California Hotel

Held up the economy on Columbus & the clubs on Broadway

And almost wore out the pavement up & down Kearny & Grant

Then came to on the same old farms picking fruit the next day


NO!  There is no sadness strong enough

To erase the hipness of his vision

Al Robles, our Fillmore Flipster, our eternal trickster

Magnificent Manong!

It will never be over & we will not be silent!!!


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