"Take What You Want And Leave What You Can't use

Bad News Bruce - Posted on 04 May 2012

by Bruce Allison

There's a new store in town. It's called "Free Store". All items in the store are free. You should see the look on customers faces when they come in and realize that all items are free. If possible you may bring in something to trade or donate. This idea is not new, it goes back to the 60's, when most communes had one. Today it's mostly been forgotten, but thanks to Occupy and some of it's members there is a free store at 1020 Sullivan ave. in Daly City at the corner of 87th near the I.H.O.P. restaurant.

Free Store is open one day a week on Sat. from 12 noon until 5p.m. Expect a nice assortment of clothes for all, toys, electronic equipment and kitchen and bathroom accessories. Shock and amazement from unexpecting newcomers is not rare. This reporter has seen 5 people ask what items cost and the staff asks, "What does is the name of the store?" It may be closing in a few weeks so we're all hoping to get the word out to others across the country to do the same thing. This idea provides an educational dynamic as an alternative to capitalism, not unlike the good old trading posts. You will see a picture with this article of what the store looks like.


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