Autobiography of the Unborn

root - Posted on 19 August 2001

by Samuel Irving

Daughter drained by liquored fear

Daddy sets aflame momma’s cerebral

With past falsehoods and nickel worsted promises

Splitting ties amongst paralyzed snuffles

Blue boys greet doors with handshakes

My innocence is gone!

Daddy responds with warm curses

Scotched up by a twist

Of his self reality and pools

Of iniquity’s pleasures

Problematic name quest

Come across drunk nothings in response

But Daddy’s getting a new suit today

As Momma awaits trials of doubt

Daddy hangs onto the world

As it spins around muffled sounds

Of fist on flesh

With no warm welcome

To Momma’s bruised cranium

Announcing her engagement

To months of 9 upon vacations

Non-existent, the cycle speeds up


But it is halted at 4

Daughter sheds silent tears

As the afterbirth names himself

In face reflections,

Forced by kicks in womb’s doors

Daddy’s decadent lifestyle

Catches 22 ounces of shallow downsides

Mamma’s tired of slave beatings

She’s breaking away for 40 days

On behalf of the unborn

Before marital deliverance can come


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