Dan The Rapperman presents The Disabled Mask (His Hip-Hop Song. Read lyrics & listen)

Leroy - Posted on 02 August 2012

Dan The Rapperman aka Danny Spencer

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Lyrics by  Dan The Rapperman aka Danny Spencer.  Read below & listen (For the video go to http://youtu.be/YGB8yMQIbOE)


In my life
All I ask
Is for people see the man
Behind the disabled mask,
I wanted to make friends
Like any other guy
But people only see the chair
And I can’t understand why,
They never listen when I’m talking
That always seems to be the way
Just cause I slur my words
Don’t mean I’ve got nothing to say

Verse 2
I may be in a chair
And my body might keep on going tight
But don’t assume we’ve got nothing in common
Coz you never know we might
Don’t shout at me as if I‘m deaf
Or feel sorry for me as if I am sick
I am just a disabled person
And that don’t mean that I am thick
So don’t judge before you meet me
Don’t think you know who I am
Just come over and introduce yourself
And meet Dan the Rapperman
(Chorus) In my life all I ask is that people see the man behind the disabled mask x2 there you go Buddy


By Dan The Rapperman aka Danny Spencer


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