Kounterclockwise Birthed KRIPPLED BOY

Leroy - Posted on 19 September 2012

Leroy Moore

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Krip-Hop Nation (KHN) - I love this song ‘Krippled Boy’ on your CD, ‘Daylights Saving Time’.  Tell us why this song was hidden and why now to release it?

Kounterclockwise - ‘Krippled Boy’ was the last song to make the album.  We recorded it while the other songs were being mastered.  The song was so unique and I wasn’t sure if it fit the concept of the album.  Kaya suggested we add it as a hidden bonus track.  We decided to release it now because we got such a good response from the people that had the physical cd and actually found the song; we decided to share it with everyone.

KHN - What is the history behind this song?

Kounterclockwise - My accident left me in a very depressed and isolated state.  I was purging my emotions through my music with songs like ‘The Beatings.’  I made this song to both embrace my disability and to poke fun at myself.  It was very liberating and I felt a huge release after recording it.

KHN Do you think that you & KHN is taking back these words like krippled and flipping it for our culture?

Kounterclockwise - Absolutely.  It’s similar to black people saying Nigga or any oppressed people for that matter, taking the very words that their ‘bully’ used to hurt them and rendering the word powerless by flipping the meaning.

KHN – I loved that you bring up Jerry Lewis.  Tell us more

Kounterclockwise - Growing up I remember the Jerry Lewis telethons and Jerry’s Kids fundraisers that were often on TV.  It was pretty much the first time I ever saw disabled people on TV and heard their stories.  So I guess it stuck in my psyche and just came to me as the perfect way to end the song.  

KHN - This song shows the love, which is not talked about among disabled boys enough in our society.  Tell us more why the love?

Kounterclockwise - Yes the love aspect is a huge part of this.  The chorus is about showing some love to ‘krippled’ people and about giving myself the same.  (kaya adds) The healing process really begins when we can look in the mirror and forgive and love ourselves as we are today with all our flaws.  and as ‘dark’ as our music may come across, the purging is in seeking to love us and heal.  Now, the verse is different in that it is a straight hip/hop battle-rap-type-flow, showing off his lyrical skills but the love theme still returns briefly when he says, “I’m part of a breed that’s rare called the hippie type...”

KHN:  You told me about the way you put this song together to be off beat or something like that tell u why.  And I didn’t notice it.

Kounterclockwise -  (kaya says) Yes, the “krippled” motif of the song is also in the beat.  The beat is intentionally “off” rhythm to mimic walking with a limp.  I don’t know if many would catch it but that’s why he chose to make the beat “krippled” too.  He’s riding a “krippled” beat (the physical disability) with a balanced flow (a balanced mind/spirit).

KHN:  Will there be a video for ‘Krippled Boy’?

Kounterclockwise (Deacon says) - I would like to but we are working on 2 other videos right now.  If the right idea presents itself, it’s a definite possibility.

KHN - Will Krippled Boy be continued as a story song on your other CDs as Kripple Man?

Kounterclockwise Maybe not exactly with that title but I will definitely continue the “krippled” storyline in my lyrics as my music is reflecting my life experiences.

KHN -  I know you are going on tour in 2013 but what other projects you are working on and tell us more about the upcoming Pills CD.

Kounterclockwise wow, well we are doing the soundtrack for a documentary about Jane Hash and filming 2 videos for our next album, “Pills - the mixtape,”  The video for “Whip” is being directed by Jim Lujan, who also directed our “Moonwalk” video from Daylight Savings Time.  We are huge fans of his animation style, so we are so excited to be working with him again.  It should be out by Halloween.   We are also in the middle of shooting a video for “Blow Yourself To Bits,” which is being directed by Tom Trainer.  That video is slatted to come out around Halloween or sometime in November.  We are also mastering “Pills - The Mixtape” and plan to release it sometime in Nov.  

KHN I heard that you are working on Jane Hash documentary and you talked to me about making your own documentary.  Tell us more.

Kounterclockwise  -  Yes, we are doing the soundtrack for the “Plain Jane - The Shockumentary” about our dear friend Jane Hash.  Her story is so amazing, we can’t even begin to tell you how dope she is.  You really have to see this documentary for yourself.  Tom Trainer is the director and Jane is also starring in our “Blow Yourself to Bits” video that he is directing.  We have been vibe-ing on so many levels, so expect tons more projects from the four of us.  as far as a documentary about us, not yet, but Kaya is working on a documentary about my life story.  she’s been filming me for years and won’t even let me see it yet.   kaya says - shhh, don’t let the cat out of the bag yet...

KHN - Last words and how can people reach you?

Kounterclockwise -Yes, we want to invite anyone in the Cleveland area to come see us live at the Patio Tavern in Middlefield, OH on Oct. 19th.   Thank you Leroy and Binki Woi and all the Krip Hop Nation artists for building with us.  We are so excited about touring with you and future collaborations.   Anyone looking to contact us can email us at kounterclockwise@gmail.com  Up-to-date info is at www.kounterclockwise.com and www.facebook.com/kounterclockwise  and www.twitter.com/kountrclockwise   You can download Daylight Savings Time at www.kounterclockwise.bandcamp.com and www.reverbnation.com/kounterclockwise and of course all our videos are on www.youtube.com/kounterclockwise 


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