Painting The Dance Floor: Interview with DJ Short-e" McGuire

Leroy - Posted on 09 October 2012

Leroy Moore

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1)   KHNKrip-hop Nation found you back in the day on MySpace and we were blown away with your DJ skills.  Tell us how did you get in DJing and it is harder being a woman with a disability?


DJ Short-e" McGuire: Answered in Live interview


2) KHN: What do you paint about and does it link to your DJing?


DJ Short-e" McGuire: Answered in Live interview

3)   KHN:  Will you continue DJing while you teach and what is next for you in your DJing?

 DJ Short-e" McGuire: Yes I will continue to DJ till it stops being fun and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. As far as whats next, I started my own production company “Short Stuff Productions” So I now throw Electronic Music Events here in Michigan. I would like to start producing as well sometime in the next year and sell my tracks.


4)   KHN:  What is your thinking about Hip-Hop and women DJs?


         DJ Short-e" McGuire: Answered in Live interview but to add Women DJ’s go hard and I believe they are an amazing addition to the hip hop world.


5:  KHN:  Knowing that you are also a painter, do you do graffiti?  And have you seen disabled graffiti artists?  What do you think about graffiti art?


DJ Short-e" McGuire: I do small scale graffiti, mostly marker and brush work like Fafi. Because I draw and pain’t with my mouth I can only do like 2’ x 4’ pieces so I don’t do entire walls or train cars LOL




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