Three Generations of poor women

root - Posted on 03 September 2001

by Tiny

Incarcerated for crimes of poverty- that’s being homeless, on welfare and poor in this
capitalist society

Born into poverty

3 generations of poor women

consumed by marginalization

3 generations of women destroyed by subjugation.

3 women Not resisting just existing.

me - child of a mixed race mama

she-orphaned as a child- tortured as a child

she-born of a another tortured woman beaten by a man...

a man who had a plan to use and abuse until there was no more left to have

auntie with no soul

lost to dpression and cigarettes

bearing more tortured children more tortured women who did not eat - who did speak
who harm each other and themselves cause there are no more tears to grieve.

these women’s lives

are inter-twined

with the oppressor,

the oppressor’s name is Shame

Shame tells them it is wrong to be poor,

it is your fault

and whatever you do -
don’t ask for a hand-out

starve your child

consume that wine

sleep on the street

you’ll be fine

but don’t ask for help

these women believe the oppressor as tho he is the lover they can never keep-they
starve their children in honor of shame, they remain homeless in honor of shame-
they lose their soul... in honor of shame

Shame is the name of the new colonizers, the gentrifying landlords, the policy
makers, the presidents

3 generations of poor women destroyed by margin-a-lization

Not resisting..Just existing

I am born of these women - I am born of this pain ...of the impossible relationship with
the new lover- shame-

at a young age I give up - unable to change - unable to save - ready to die, dead from
too many reasons to cry -

but wait there is a happy ending... No not happy... just angry... but anger has hope -
anger has possiblitites anger has names like Dorothy Allison, Shange, Toni Morrison,
And Zora Neal Hurston -

anger has clarity and words like resistance and struggle

survival and organize

so now the story can read

3 generations of poor women fighting back-

3 generations of women.... Healing not Grieving -

Resisting..... Not

just Existing


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