root - Posted on 03 September 2001

by Tiger Walsh


what you search to fill

with every pill popped

praying not to feel

tearing of rocks and razors

gutting dreams from the bottom

of your belly where the visionary

the prophet

the healer

the hope

the creator in you used to live

now where the thunder of hideousness rumbles

persistant like beatings

from police employers strangers family

convincing you

to be the monster we see on TV

ricki lake sally jesse jerry springer

you know the fucked up contortions

they force your reality into

justifying your grotesque punishment

this is for the queens

the fairies

the high maintenance femmes

the stone butches

the 24/7 transsexuals

the gender benders

i pay homage to my predecessors

it is becuz of you

that i can flaunt my desire

for lipstick and silicone dicks lips sticking to clits

this shit is not sick

you taught me to carry pride

in my panties proud of heavy pantings

the way our queers hearts love is nothing less

than spiritual perfection endless complications

of beautiful never settle for less

than freedom

your herstory is built on stone walls

you beat back the prison cells of gender with

martini glasses bar stools and

high heels

now 32 years later

i benefit from your struggle

we all do

queer youth coming out younger

and younger expanding the bounderies of gender

normalities further and further but the struggle

continues cuz the billy clubs don’t stop

searching for mini skirts with dicks

gender police pricks still criminalizing your identity

our families still unforgiving

not realizing they got blessed

so i kneel and pray that you reclaim the sunshine

in your smile the tree trunk curve

of your spine you are divine

and always have been indigenous women humbly

approach you asking for a blessing cuz they know

you are closer to god

occupying the promise land between male and female

your resistance the roots of rebellion

unearthing the atrocious truth of this capitalist system

so breathe full bellied

melt the rocks for the goddess in you to lead us

forward in this fight towards freedom

towards justice towards life

open lungs expand hearts

breathe us towards life

in this fight for our lives


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