Krip-Hop Nation End of the Year Accomplishments 2012

Leroy - Posted on 08 January 2013

  •  Krip-Hop Nation made collaboration relationships with Emmitt Thrower of Artist Magnet who has teamed up with Krip-Hop Nation to produce a documentary on police brutality against people with disabilities that will be out in 2014.
  • Under Binki Woi (Member of Krip-Hop Nation ) started On The Grind internet radio in Germany playing disabled and underground musicians from all over the world.
  • DJ Quad of 5th Battalion teamed up with Krip-Hop Nation to co-produced a CD with 17 different artists with disabilities from the UK, US and Germany on police brutality and police profiling. CD that came out Feb 2012 and also had an event in Feb.
  • Continue to work on with Naru Kwina a documentary about the life and music of the late Blind Joe Capers.
  • Krip-Hop Nation continue to support and increase disabled women musicians and many have been interviewed by Krip-Hop Nation.
  • Krip-Hop Nation was invited to do a workshop on police brutality against people with disability and an performance at University of Washington in Washington State USA in February
  • Krip-Hop Nation organized and hosted a performance in Sacramento, CA USA with 6 different artists one that came from the UK for the event.
  • Krip-Hop Nation wrote a Father’S Day special featuring 5 Black disabled fathers who are all musicians.
  • Krip-Hop Nation continue to write for many online magazines
  • Krip-Hop artists from around the world continue to make songs expressing their love for Krip-Hop Nation.

Coming up in 2013 & Beyond:

  • Krip-Hop Nation is organizing its first San Francisco Bay Area tour for February 2013.
  • Krip-Hop Nation is working on its international CD due out later this year.
  • Lastly Leroy Moore Founder of Krip-Hop is writing a book about Krip-Hop Nation.
  • Krip-Hop is hoping to do some more shows/workshops in the UK and in Africa this year or next.
  • And so much more.  Go to for more info and drop me a line at

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