Hollywood's Latest Flavor of the Month is Vanilla With A Twist, Krip Vanilla, Again!

Leroy - Posted on 21 February 2013

Although recently Hollywood has a new thing about sexuality and disability with three recent movies like The Sessions, Hyde Park and Rust and Bone, I and others are looking deeper to realize that all three are mainly White and really don’t represent the diverse community of people with disabilities.   Very little attention was paid to the movie, Musical Chairs, that had a Latino main character who becomes disabled from a car accident (same old tragic and overcoming story).  Yes, you might say Leroy, Musical Chair, is not a movie that focuses on sexuality and disability but my argument is bigger than the flavor of the moment.  Lets take a look,  (in my view) the very bad French movie, The Intouchables, in where a Black, poor non-disabled character who happens to become a care attendant and helps his White wealthy disabled supervisor with not only his personal care needs but “inspires” him to find himself that leads to a date with a White non-disabled woman.  So bottom-line is we people of color who plays disability or are in movies about disability related issues are (1) not given the bling bling media attention and/or plays a role to help his/her White disabled counterparts in the movie to uplift and gain a backbone.  We must critically look at what mainstream film industry feeds us as we eat our popcorn in those dark theaters.


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