It’s “My Time!” Says Cassandra Saunders

Leroy - Posted on 12 March 2013

Leroy Moore

Krip-Hop Nation (KHN): Hello Cassandra, tell us about your work and your new single, “My Time”.

Cassandra Saunders: Hi, Leroy! First of all, I need to clarify something. “My Time” was going to be a single from my upcoming album, but as of right now I’m working with a vocal arranger on material that we are going to be pitching to major/independent labels, and independent artists. I feel like I need to establish myself as a lyrical songwriter before I make albums. As far as the song is concerned, it’s about a girl who is determined to show the world that she is going to make a name for herself in the world and nothing is going to stop her.

KHN: You have, or are starting a label, D Minor Entertainment, tell us more.
Cassandra Saunders: The label is in the development stages, but I can tell you that my reasoning behind its development is to implement what I believe will actually aide in stabilizing the economic side of the industry, and also to help develop and promote other disabled urban artists.

KHN: What is your advise for young women with disabilities who want to sing?

Cassandra Saunders: My advice for disabled women, and really any disabled artists who wish to become singers, rappers, or a combination of the two is simply this; when someone or something knocks you down, get right back up and approach the situation from a different angle. Most importantly, never let yourself become defeated, instead become the defeatest.

KHN: What are the projects that you are working on now?

Cassandra Saunders: Currently, I’m continuously writing songs and in about a month, my team and I will start pitching to different entities. As I said in question three, I’m focusing on the label and the corresponding publishing company formation.

KHN: This upcoming album, what are the main messages of the songs?

Cassandra Saunders: Whenever I do release my album, I will do my best to promote positivity in relationships, despite negative situations. And, overcoming struggles in everyday life. I want to be a role model for all my fans; disabled or not.

KHN: What would you say to a major record labels about your work/music?

Cassandra Saunders: What I want to say to record labels about myself and my music is this; the dynamics of the world has changed. The general public has embraced disabled artistry, it’s time that executives in this industry does as well. I am however, refraining from thinking that all hope is lost in regards to that because of the current American Idol contestant who only stutters when he is not singing. I want to see if a major will pick him up even if he is not the American Idol chosen by the public. (Reference for the American Idol comment:

KHN: How can people support you work/music?

Cassandra Saunders: At the present time I am working on developing both my official website (Cassondra and the label’s website (D Minor for now you can support my work by following me on twitter and liking our Facebook page

KHN: As a disabled female musician, what can the music industry learn from your work?

Cassandra Saunders: What this industry can learn from my work is that with the right amount of determination and drive, anyone can do anything that they put their mind to. It does not matter the race, color, color, gender, or disability I will not stop preaching that until I stop breathing.

KHN: Tell us your process, high points, and roadblocks of creating your upcoming album.

Cassandra Saunders: To be completely honest, the two occasions that I had the opportunity to record music were learning experiences. There that have never been any roadblocks and the major ups came in knowing that individuals with clout in the industry gave me tremendous help in starting my career and I’ll never forget them. When I do begin recording an album, I’m going to do two things:
a.) I will continue working with a vocal arranger two and sure that I have the best arrangements possible.
b.) Have several meetings with my production team to ensure that we are all on the same page. Everyone will have notes and everything will be structured the way I need it to be.
Did I mention that my label will have acquired distribution from some major label?

KHN: How can people listen to your music and connect with you?

Cassandra Saunders: As of right now, everyone can listen to my music at When that page is no longer available, it means that the official website is complete and all twitter accounts related to me will reflect that. People can always contact me at However, all label inquiries must go to If you forget my twitter ID just look it up using my name in Google or by entering


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