Moore and Moore: Krip-Hop Nation Goes Gospel with Kebra Moore

Leroy - Posted on 26 March 2013

Kebra Moore/Leroy Moore

Krip-Hop Nation (KHN)  I just read about you through Divas With Disabilities Project.  Tell us about your connection to that project.


Kebra Moore: Divas with Disabilities is an outstanding organization. We share the common bond of being beautiful, educated women with disabilities that display a "Can Do" attitude towards anything we put our minds to.


KHN:  You sing more than Gospel tell us about your music and this new single.  Explain the title of your upcoming album, “Under the Influence,”.


Kebra Moore: I obtained my BA degree from Claflin University in Music Education. This opportunity allowed me to display my talent of singing in a variety of genres like Opera, Jazz, R&B and Gospel. I began singing gospel exclusively in 2007 when I gave my life back to Christ.  I love to sing other genres as well but it has been mostly Gospel as of late.

The "Under the Influence" album has the combination twist of all four types of genres present with a little hip-hop flavor as well. Like my last album, "Kingdom Understanding" it has something for everyone to relate to. This album is an empowerment, no longer succumbing to society views of what beauty is or allowing society to place limits upon what you can or cannot accomplish.


KHN:  You have this great campaign called Beautiful tell us more.


Kebra Moore: The Beautiful Campaign primary goal is to educate people on the endless possibilities that are available to those who have recently suffered life-altering injuries; as well as restore a sense of pride and self-esteem. Throughout the United States, I personally visit spinal cord injury hospitals, rehabilitation centers and disability expos to enlighten and uplift all with physical disabilities. Upon arriving at these facilities, we host concerts, seminars and patient spa like treatments that focuses on ability not disability. This uplifting experience brings a sense of hope and newfound inner peace that assist in recovery.


 KHN: I read on your website that your songs titled “He’ll Make a Way” was featured on President Barack Obama’s documentary soundtrack BECOMING BARACK: Evolution of a Leader.  Tell us about that project.


 Kebra Moore: The documentary was the beginning years of the President while he was still the Illinois senator. I was contacted through my distribution company MDI to have a song of mine placed on the soundtrack.   I wrote and recorded the song "He'll Make a Way" and submitted it. A few weeks later, I was contacted stating the song had made the cut and it would be placed on the "The Evolutions of a Leader" soundtrack. This was really a huge blessing for me in my music career. Not in a million years I could have imagine writing a song for President Barack Obama.  I hope that one day I get the opportunity to sing it live for him.


 KHN:  Do you think Gospel is more open to musicians with disabilities compare to Hip-Hop & R&B?

Kebra Moore: Yes, in my opinion, the Gospel community appears to be more accepting of those with disabilities. However, great music is acceptable to any genre; you have Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder as testimony. Many artists with disabilities within the Hip Hop and R&B community, but their disability is not as visible as mines' or those mentioned.


KHN:  Do you see other women with physical disabilities in your work?


Kebra Moore: Yes, I encounter other women and men with disabilities in my line of work.  It is very uplifting to see those with disabilities working alongside of those that are able bodied. It erases a negative image of disability or rid misconceptions about those who have disabilities


KHN:  In your video “Beautiful”  I like that you left the viewer with a big wow at the end.  Will you do more music videos?


Kebra Moore: Yes, I am scheduled to film the video to my next single "Never Let Him Go" in June 2013. I am excited about the video, if you think "Beautiful" had a wow factor. Just wait until you see this video! It's going to set the bar quite high for all genres.


KHN:  Many people who become physically disabled later in life have a thinking that they be cure or want to “overcome” their disability.  What are your thoughts about that?

Kebra Moore: It takes time to mentally heal from life altering injuries.  I say that because I have come to accept who I am in life and my disability. Initially the shock factor affects everyone around you and the reality that medicine and technology has not evolved enough to cure you. If not for my disability, I do not know where my life would be right now. It does not define who you are; it only allows you to be easily picked out in a crowd of people. (LOL)


KHN:  You say you’re a speaker.  What do you speak about and being Black and disabled what is your advise to young Black young women with disabilities?


Kebra Moore: Majority of my speaking engagements are about raising self-esteem and being comfortable with you. I would tell any woman, regardless of color, "that life is precious and do not allow society to make you feel inferior or self conscience about who you are. Put God first and focus on your new abilities."


KHN:  I just listen to the single Trouble, POWERFUL. Tell us about the story behind that song.

Kebra Moore: That song hit home and was special to me because growing up I saw how my own mother struggled to raise my brother and I. I have crossed paths with many people of different lifestyles who had a story of their own struggles, and decided to write about it. Troubles don't escape anyone! You have to place your faith in God and let it go. Often time people focus on how big their problem is vice how big their God is.


KHN:  What is on your calendar for this year?


Kebra Moore: Wow, non-stop. I am part of the abilities expo, so I travel and perform as part of the event segment of the expo. In addition, I recently won Ms. Wheelchair Mississippi and I will be working with Mississippi legislative to make the state more ADA friendly. Along with being a full time mother and wife. So my schedule is quite intense now.


March 30: Ms. Wheelchair Alabama Pageant, Birmingham, AL

May 3-5: (Ability Expo) New York

June 8-9 (Video Shoot) "Never Let Him Go", Los Angeles, CA

June 21-22:  Mega Disability Conference (Ms. Wheelchair Mississippi) Jackson, MS

June 28-30 (Ability Expo) Chicago, IL

July 6: Speaking Panel (Essence Festival) New Orleans, LA

July 10-14 (Delta Sigma Theta National Conference) Washington, D.C.

July 15-21 (Ms. Wheelchair America National Conference) Houston, TX

August 2-4 (Ability Expo) Houston, TX

October 5 (Black Essence Awards) Nominee, Bend, IN

More to come!!!!


KHN:  How can people follow your work?


Kebra Moore:


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