root - Posted on 17 September 2001

by Husayn Sayfuddiyn

I am Love Supreme, of everyone I claim. The rich and famous

- and those of no name – I dog ‘em all the same. I call and they
come crawling to me on all fours

Death and Pain’s my front and back doors

Cuz’ Cocaine, is my Name, and I pop a cold game. Got no time

For formality – when you rush to my rush of immortality from a
figment of lost reality -==Flowing from the mountains of Columbia

Or Peru – on the Reagan Express –=from CIA - to you!

The things that I’ll do to you will take all the shame from you

Till all you got coming - is the blame for you. So whatcha’ gonna do?

Cuz’, I have proved myself, Created millions and improved the game

Dead gangstas line my Hall of Fool’s fame –
Come try play around my turf – and suffer the terrible effects of My Murph –
Like a mad hatter chasing a ghost in my marathon –
til’ your loot is gone –
in My Death dealing traps set up in your mind –=by my psychology –
bending ya’ to my methodology. The world acknowledges my terminology - so

Doubt me and the things about me – will waste you when my power tastes you -
Make ya’ kill your brother or clown him into a Sad Sack,

Dis’ your sisters to the gang bang – and down ‘em to the dog

Cocaine, is my Name, of ill fame coming at cha with a cold game.

I’ll starve your children to feed my greed, cuz’ I’ll refuse all your other
needs –

I’ll pluck your nerves, and make you bow to me,

Cuz’ I must be served - nothing else but me.

Cuz I’m your mother and father, daughter and son,

Your sunrise desire and sunset, when the rush is done.

You’ll wake up in the morning From your dreams of me.

And before your eyes are open, you will think of me.

Your desire to possess me, will possess you.

And when I’m beyond your possession, what’s left is no longer you!

Cause I’ve got millions of lovers, craving me. =figments of their

Enslaved by me – on death’s merry go round – that comes crashing down -
In my tragicomedy – when you discover that your soul’s my fee

You pay me - you see? With all your life’s energy

In a bone yard ghetto - That don’t have to be!

If you stop your tribute to me Cuz

I am Cocaine – of ill fame and I run your cold game.

I am Death and Destruction – so listen to life’s instruction about me.

Don’t come trying your luck with me –

Cuz wise men don’t come and try n' fuck with me!

All my followers are dead or dying – children lost and mothers crying –

I am Prince of Thieves Master of Whores,

Mind Bandit – any man’s Lost Cause -

My Name is Fire raging through the ghetto burning souls

Leaving your neglected and traumatized children - to pay the
price of my toll –

Or with the dishonor of your body, and then your heart

That fails ya’ when the going gets tough ya’ see?

Or a stroke to croak ya’

And earth to cloak ya’ – when you’ve had too much of me Cuz

Cocaine, is my Name of ill fame; I run a cold game.

I am the Widow Maker – Undertaker of all Ice Men –

The Dung You Attacker – Body Snatcher when you peek in

My parlors =with your tribute dollars - =Fools who pay me

And then say slay me – on the altar of my Ice – or say play
me – for the essence of his life –

My name is Cocaine, of ill fame, and I run a cold game.


Husayn Sayfuddiyn



Copyright 1999


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