root - Posted on 17 September 2001

by Vlad Pogorelov


Born in the USSR 30 years ago, jumped into the stream and went with a flow of life until landed in the USA. Studied medicine before realized where my true inspiration lied. Worked with the sick and the poor. Edited "Siren’s Silence"—a literary explosion in Philadelphia. Now, live in San Francisco where I defy the insane rents and local ordinances by cruising in the motorhome named "Calipso" together with my dog Marina. Wrote a lot about the human condition, our alienation from being sincere (books of poetry "Derelict" and "Decadent"), and my searching for the extreme love and universal truth. Haven’t found those yet but in the process have met with "Poor Poets." And while my search for the greater and ultimate still continues at full speed, I have discovered that unless we change life around us the way we want it, we’re doomed as humans and artists.


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