In Amerikkka Do We Really Have Freedom of Speech? Can We Really Say What We Want to Say?

Lex - Posted on 11 April 2013

Terrilyn Woodfin/PoorNewsNetwork
According to the United States of America's Constitution, the first Amendment is Freedom of Speech. Which means having the freedom to express oneself in words, except in times of slandery, or of threatening to do bodily harm to another individual.
Other than that you should be able to speak your mind whenever you like about whatever you want. Many countries don't have that luxury and apparently the first Amendment is only for a select few or should I say a "race" of people.
JR Valrey who is known across the airwaves as "The Peoples Minister of Information" his showed aired every Wednesday morning from 8am to 9am. with him putting out truth, being that voice for the people. That is until he was recently suspended for stating on the air that a white lady (named Lilly) received an award during what has been deemed "Black History" month and how he felt that was wrong, that's all he said but it was enough for the interim general manager Andrew Phillips to cancel his show and suspend JR from KPFA Radio Station.
Why? Because as an American he was expressing his 1st Amendment right. I think that was the excuse they used rather than telling him the truth...
Just Like PoorNewsNetwork radio, who has been humbly seeking a solid airtime slot on KPFA airwaves for over a decade, only to be constantly shuttled to the side, JR has a following, he would speak on behalf of those that feel they have no voice, he is the one who conveys a message of truth for those who don't have an outlet. He like so many of us broadcasters of color in the community, was guilty of doing the right thing.
KPFA reaches millions of listeners throughout the Northern and Central California region, yet JR and many like him are losing that public outlet to voice "our" view, "our" thoughts.
This is just another avenue to "cut" our strong voice, but we will not be silenced, we will not allow KPFA or any other to short or keep our brothers and sisters who are keeping it 100% to not be heard.
From the interim manager Andrew Phillips ( who as of press time has been suspended too) to the Communication Workers of America( the union representing KPFA's paid staff) the majority of the paid staff are white and a large majority of the unpaid staff are peoples of color.
So let me get this straight, you don't pay them, you mistreat them and use racial slurs against them. When they complain nothing is ever done to rectify the situation and now you wanna take away their voice too?
 Oh HELL no! You the reader can participate in fighting for the reinstatment of JR Valrey by signing a petition in two ways:
1) add your signature by emailing
2) signing the petition at
The request is that JR be reinstated immediately, by the general manager Andrew Phillips and that the abuse and racial tension that the Black Broadcasters have endured cease from those who are/have inflicted it upon them.

Below is the PNN-TV: coverage of the KPFA Town-Hall on JR and Community Radio


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