Jungle Blues

root - Posted on 17 September 2001

by Vlad Pogorelov

Walking down 16th street around Mission almost every day I see junkies being arrested-

The scene is so familiar as if I had a flashback from many years ago while hanging out with dope rebels

We were caught red handed by the Ukranian police- Soviet style:

They had German Shephards and a few soldiers with Kalashnikovs to help them...

"Hands up!!! The game is over!!! Give us the stuff!!!"

The dogs were growling, and the soldiers pointed AK's at me

but I hesitated.

-Smash! and I felt a taste of blood in my mouth.

-Bang! and my nose crunched and turned blue.

I was searched. Everything was confiscated except my house keys. But I wasn't taken to jail and was free to go.

"Don't ever come back here," they instructed me.

A block away I saw another junkie's face being massaged by an official fist, and the dogs were barking, and kids-soldiers were pointing their guns at him.

Now, ten years later and half way around th globe

I don't see much difference.

The official fists, guns, uniforms, control. Here, they read you your rights and then cage you like an animal. Maybe, just to remind you that no matter where you go- Soviet Union, Capitalist States of America, Communist China: you can't escape the jungle, the brutality, the inhumanity...

"Don't ever come back," they told me.

And I wish them just the same


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