SUNDAY: Born N' Raised in Frisco Book Release & Seed Planting Party

Tiny - Posted on 22 May 2013

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 3:00pm
Born N' Raised in Frisco- words, art & resistance from a colonized, displaced city

What: Book Release & Seed Planting Party

When:Sunday, June 2nd  @3p

Where: @ The Secret Garden in the Mission on Harrison st- (in the middle of the block between 23rd and 24th streets)

We will celebrate the release of the newest POOR Press publication: Born N Raised in Frisco Volume 1 with a seed planting, food-eating and talk-story telling party to celebrate the Words, Art, Memories & Resistance of a Colonized, Displaced City - including our ancestors, ourselves, Pachamama and our youth leaders still to come living, dreaming and/or remembering the Ohlone territory known as San Francisco...

About the Project:
Born n Raised in Frisco-An ongoing Herstory/History Project of the Al Robles Living Library @ POOR Magazine: -

Born N' Raised in Frisco is an ongoing writing and poetry herstory/history project for folks Born and/or Raised in the indigenous Ohlone Territory of Turtle Island named after Saint Francis de Assisi.

The project included three 6 week creative writing/story-telling/talk-story workshops which facilitated the stories, poetry and art of youth, adults and elders from eight different neighborhoods who have lived in, are currently houseless in, are displaced from or still reside in the city of San Francisco. The workshop focused on the impact/violence of gentrification and displacement as well as the resistance of peoples who have been removed or are at threat of removal due to capitalism/greed, rampant redevelopment and ongoing real estate speculation

The workshops were co-led by Tony Robles and Tiny aka Lisa Garcia with Asian Robles as in-class illustrator who illustrated in class work as a real-time artistic documentarian

POOR Press is the publishing arm of the grassroots, non-profit, arts organization, POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE.


Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garci








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