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Tiny - Posted on 06 August 2013

Terrilyn Woodfin /PNN

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The bible says it will be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it will be for a rich man to make it into heaven. I didn’t understand what that really meant until now. The greed of money and power will cause you to lose track of the importance of life. The wealthy whose god has become money will screw their own family to have it. It doesn’t matter whose back you overwork to have it or whose life has to be snuffed out so you can keep it and it doesn’t matter who has to lose everything they have so they can continue to get rich and richer.


When we think they have done it all they (the wealthy) go and pull something else out of their bag of tricks or should I say their bag of harm to humanity and beast alike, in other words they will screw themselves over for the almighty dollar. The bible says in Hosea 4:6 “My people perish for a lack of knowledge”, in other words you die for what you don’t know. The bible also says in john 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”. The truth in this world seems to always be hidden from the 99% of the population of inhabitants and is only revealed when it’s too late to do anything to change it. Well my story is no different but I say better late than never cause with truth we have the power to unify and fight back or succumb to the reality that greed of money and power rules with deadly impact.


“Fracking” is a word that you will want to know about, a word you will teach your family about, a word that should be talked about in your social networking, church settings, schools and everywhere else you go. This is the only way to get the word out and organize to change the course of devilment that is damaging the Earth that God gave us all dominion over to take care of.

You may be wondering what fracking is, you wouldn’t be the first because personally when I heard it for the first time I didn’t know what it was but after doing a google search of it I do now. Fracking is the hydraulic fracturing technology that the energy industry hopes to use to expand “natural gas” production in the United States. You may think this is harmless but wait until I tell you what it is doing in the environment and to mankind.


The reason why fracking is so harmful to the earth, it’s people and beast is because back in the 1940’s pipes were laid under the earths surface about 10,000 ft below, in those pipes is gas. When you see the fuel trucks at the gas station with the hose going from the truck to the ground they are pumping gas into the pipes that lead to the pumps where you are able to get fuel for your vehicles. In the 40’s it seemed like a safe thing to do right? Well now a discovery has been detected and in truth there isn’t really anything that can undo the error of man; the pipes are now leaking and the gas that is 10,000 ft below the earths surface has now seeped into the soil that you plant in, it’s in the water we drink and its in the air we breathe, not to mention in some places here in the United States when they turn on their faucets they expect water to flow out but instead sparks and fire is what they get because it is in over 500,000 wells across the US.


Yesterday August 3, 2013 I attended a march and protest in Richmond, California where the Chevron refinery is, even as I got out of the car you could smell the gas in the air and I thought at that moment what are the head officials at Chevron thinking about? Oh yeah they only think of money, greed and power to hell with the residents of Richmond. I stood listening to different ones talk about the injustice to mother earth and all I could think about was the people who suffer from breathing in the toxins with no where else to move, I thought about the ones who now suffer with debilitating illnesses all in the name of blood stained Amerikkkan dollars. Shame, shame, shame on them.

I wasn’t interested in what the activists had to say as much as I was the residents. As an activist we are deeply concerned about the well being but for the most part we live elsewhere and come to the aid of those that don’t feel they have a voice, so instead of keeping up with the march I broke off and went to interview some of the residents who are really suffering. Few declined and one in particular struck me, even though they shunned away from me and I understand why but I thought “what is the only way to keep the suffering, suffering?” by supporting them. Yes that is right, the Chevron Corporation is financially supporting the below-poverty stricken houseless shelter living residents of the Bay Area Rescue Mission in Richmond, I thought wow!


One man I spoke too was all too happy to thank us for taking a stand; he said, “He remembers it like it was yesterday. It was 6:15 and I was standing on my porch talking to my neighbor when I heard the first explosion and I asked my neighbor what was that? And before he could answer we both heard the second explosion and we rushed to my back yard and saw smoke rise 400 to 600 ft in the air the wind picked up and carried it north that was on August 6th two years ago”. Milton Griffin

Right before that interview I spoke with the Mayor of Richmond Gayle Mc Laughlin, she said a lot of things but one of her concerns is for the safety and health of the residents of Richmond. “Our kids and community are traumatized as a result of this Chevron fiasco. We want Chevron to take responsibility for the negative impact this has had on our city.” She went on to state that “ 4.5 million metric tons of emission are given off every year” that is what’s in the air looming over this city like a cloud of doom. She said “1.2 million dollars is given to elections for those running for positions who are Chevron friendly”. Once again it proves that these big KKKorporate companies don’t give a damn about the 99%. If you’re lucky to find one that does it’s like a needle in a haystack.


I walked about three blocks down and saw a group of people standing out watching what they thought was a parade and so I stopped and spoke to another person who was willing to speak with me, her story broke my heart. Mayra Rodriguez said” we heard the first explosion and my children started crying because they didn’t know what was happening and neither did I but I was afraid too. Then minutes later we heard the second explosion and it was louder than the first one then people started running to see what was going on and that’s when we saw a huge cloud of smoke rising in the sky, my daughters thought the sky was on fire. They were traumatized and within hours both me and my kids were itching and my youngest daughter was breathing funny, I was so scared cause I didn’t know what was happening so I took her to the emergency room and was told that because I didn’t have insurance they couldn’t help her. So I went to Mexico and they told me what was wrong with her but they couldn’t give her the treatment because I wasn’t insured there and didn’t have the money to pay for the service. It wasn’t until recent that I was able to find out what was wrong with her and get her the help she needed”. I asked her if her 3 year old has Asthma and she said “yes”. She also stated that the other child who is 5 sees a therapist behind being traumatized. 

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