Broken Dreams

Tiny - Posted on 28 August 2013


The dream has ended for true love died – the night a blossom  fell and touched two lips that lied..Nat King Cole



Mama used to say I was a great orator and it must have come from my Black side- citing Dr King as an example.


Me and my Black/Indian mama would listen to dr kings speeches- not just the user-friendly ones, but all of them, because like she said, he was a great orator and a great orator could lead the people anywhere.


We would always cry at the part when he says,  I been to the mountain-top, and I might not get to the other side, clear that he knew some racist US set-up would be bound to take a strong black leader like him out. But we would listen anyway. And cry every-time.


You see my mama believed that spirit and prayer and love and song and art and most of all drama must be a part of any revolution and without it you had nothing. Just boring dogma related to boring dogmatic “isms”  with agendas and grant guidelines.


So as we listen and look all day to the speeches of Dr. King, let’s be clear that Dr Kings’ dream lives no more in the Amerikkka he envisioned, it lives in the chants of revolutionaries fighting the po’lice for the wrong-ful death of their children like Ernesto Duenez Jr, Alan Blueford, Idriss Stelly, Mario Romero, and Kenny Harding to name a few, it lives in the hearts of the Hunger Strikers in the plantation prisons fighting the SHU and it lives in the hearts of mamas and families and youth fighting food stamp cuts, school lunch program cut-backs, and welfare scarcity models. And all the false borders separating our indigenous peoples across Mama Earth-.


Decolonizing stolen indigenous land, saving sacred sites, stopping po’lice murder and racist profiling, and ending this insane gentriFUKation, removal, criminalization and houselessness of our folks is action. Self-determination of landless, indigenous peoples are our mountain-tops, and our beautiful young peoples of color in resistance are our dreams.


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