Bill Shannon aka Crutch Master Talks About Hip-Hop, Disability, His Dancing & More

Leroy - Posted on 02 September 2013

Leroy Moore/Bill Shannon

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Krip-Hop Nation finally interviewed Bill Shannon aka Crutch Master. I have known about Shannon since 1995. I've always wanted to interview him about his dancing, Hip-Hop culture, his disability as growing older, his time in NY in the 80's and his work now. He even turned down a big time mainstream contest show. He made it clear that he loves Hip-Hop but his dance/art is much more than just Hip-Hop more like interdisciplinary dance and now is more into House music but still listens to Hip-Hop. Shannon is a conceptual, interdisciplinary dance and media artist who creates both solo and group projects. He considers his work rooted in street culture and informed by the fine arts. He is widely recognized in the dance/performance world, the underground hip-hop and club dance scene, the urban arts movement, as well as the disabled artist community. Also in this interview he also talked about being White in NY in the 80's when Hip-Hop was on the streets where he danced with his crutches. This audio interview was so great and I hope you like it. Listen then go to his site at


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