Audio interview Leroy Moore on Letters & Politics on KPFA 94.1FM About Police Brutality Against People W/Disabilities

Leroy - Posted on 19 September 2013

Mitch Jeserich/Leroy Moore Jr.

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On Th Sept 19th/2013 KPFA 94.1 FM  Letters & Politics Host Mitch Jeserich.  Leroy F. More Jr. Talks about police brutality against people with disabilities.  Song title:  Disabled Profiled by Keith Jones and Leroy Moore.  Here are the points that didn't make the cut (Listen to the full audio interview here below):


Police Brutality Against PWD A Different Answer.  Talking points/Resources:

·      Broken promises of decreasing cases of police shootings of people with disabilities by introducing more training. This answer has been around since the late 80s when I began to get involved in this issue.  There has to be more answers but if we have to only deal with training and be force to live with this broken record then lets tweak the evaluation of these trainings, how?

·      Have an independent board of people with all kinds of disabilities that would go from state to state city to city not only evaluate the training but collecting data of these cases for a national report.  Remember there is not one report, data or anything on cases of police brutality against people with disabilities nationally.

·      Disabled orgs/activists can learn from the Malcolm X Grassroots Center in NY who did a report on police brutality against Black people (, on pg. 7 of the report it talks about Black people with mental health disabilities.  The disabled community/orgs must take on this issue nationally and locally.  We live in a country based on numbers for example we do the US Census every ten years, non-profits keeps numbers to get more funding.  So the same with this issue we need to keep records, data, reports and numbers. 

·      Add race and class to police brutality against PWD.  The recent case of a white young man with developmental disability rough up at a movie theater and passed away in custody.  Now National Down Syndrome Congress discussing with media coverage their efforts to develop a nationwide-training program for law enforcement and first responders on how to handle individuals with developmental disabilities.  For people of color with disabilities at this time there are very few local organizations and on a national level it is almost 0.  The disabled rights movement haven't deal with their racism and because of that many national disabled organizations lack strong voices of POC with disabilities.  National org of people of color need to work with people of color with disabilities and the National Black Disabled Coalition etc..

·      As we all know the majority of cases of police brutality against people with disabilities don’t come under training but just blunt discrimination, profiling and not listening as we will soon see and hear from these video and audio clips:

·      One thing has been common in some cases is parents, providers and other call police for help but ends up deadly.  Can we have an alternative phone number?

       Tap into local orgs that have been on the front line on this issue like Idriss Stelley Foundation, Poor Magazine....

       Increase cultural work on this issue into the broader arts/media arenea like Krip-Hop Nation/5th Battalion Mixtape Hip-Hop CD by artists with disabilities.

Great articles to read on this issue:


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Author: Thomas C. Weiss
Subject Category: Editorials
Publish Date: Disabled World - Sep 01, 2013 | Updated: Sep 01, 2013
Author Contact Information: Thomas Weiss+


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