Audio Interview with Jake Technique, Sound Producer of Public Enemy & More Back N Da Day

Leroy - Posted on 28 September 2013

Leroy Moore/Jake Technique

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Listen to this interview with Jake Technique, Sound Producer & Musician who worked with Public Enemy and more.  He said that musicians with disabilities have to be more professional for the industry and talked about his experience as a disabled music sound engineer back in the 80's and now.  His Cousin is now a lead manager and does production for Public Enemy.  Listen!

We talked about:

His work with Public Enemy, Coalition for Disabled Musicians, a Band of disabled musicians called Range of Motion back in 1990's, his recording studio back in the 80's, music today compare to back in the day, disabled women in the music industry, his work today in movies, the changing of the industry and what it means for him now-a-days and more...  Below is his bio on  Listen to the audio interview.



Jake Rinaldo
Location: Long Island, New York
Challenge: Muscular Distrophy

Jake Rinaldo is a Producer/Editor who's experience spans more than 20 years of creating works in sound that commenced with legendary group Public Enemy involving record company MCA.

Jake created productions, arrangements, engineered recordings, and scored Paramount Pictures "Juice" and Columbia Pictures "Mo' Money".

Jake wrote, produced, and remixed sound tracks for the "I Will Survive" Single for the RCA record label which catapulted to gold record status. He then wrote, produced, and engineered the multi-platinum Mexican super group Los Bukis for Fonovisa Music.

He produced, edited, sound designed, foley-ed, and scored for films Erza fear of a faceless god, A Good Dad, Inzombnia and Exorcista.

Recognized in the New York Newsday for his participation in the Coalition for Disabled Musicians and was honored with an Award of Appreciation for his efforts with the disabled musician group Range of Motion.

American producer - Jake Technique

He is currently the President of Liquid Soul Entertainment.

Jake says "There are no highs and lows i just live day to day fighting a disability".

He says he isn't able play bass and guitar anymore but plays a little keyboard and the computer does the rest.

Relevant History:
Ultraphonic Studios, East Meadow, NY. Producer/Engineer, artist writer & arranger. Manager of rehearsals, recordings & bookings, 1990-2000. Liquid Soul Entertainment, Levittown, NY. Producer/Engineer, writer & arranger. 2000-Present


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