Building a Landless Movement 1 Prayer, 1 Rock, 1 Hand at a Time

Phillip Standin... - Posted on 02 October 2013

Tiny, Daughter of Dee, Mama of Tiburcio
On this, the 2nd day in Her-story, of the landless peoples land revolution known as Homefulness, we stood together; children, elders, mommaz, daddys, neighbors and folks, from many different spirits, traditions, colors and cultures, shouting prayer & welcomes over the growl of the "Jumpies" generator.

Our eyes centered on the medicine coming toward us, brought by Ohlone 1st Nations warrior Corrina Gould who honored her Ohlone ancestral lands we were all standing, liberating and humbly moving concrete and asphalt on.

"AaaaheeeeeeeOOOOOOO" Following Corrina's beautiful prayer we were carried into the power of our Pacific Islander brothers and sistaz, ancestors and spirits through the deep chant,prayer song sung by Tongan sista in liberation Fuifuilupe Niumeitolu. Tears fell from our eyes for so many indigenous warrior ancestors, walking out of colonization, theft and hegemony from all four directions of Pachamama/Mama Earth.

With medicine and spirit in our hearts, ancestors and Creators messages in our souls and the sound of youth skolaz from the neighborhood playing in our ears, us landless warriors, self-determined and off-plantation, in solidarity and along-side our solidarity family who were practicing/activating what we call community reparations in real time, began slowly and methodically moving rocks, jack-hammering asphalt,, walking wheelbarrows and shoveling broken concrete

Together we began the process of preparing this small slice of Mama Earth for the first straw bale house that is the dream/manifestation of Homefulness. Homefulness will ultimately include four 2 br straw bale houses, and four additional houses from rebuilding spaces already there, as well as an indigenous Healing center, the Obatala Multi-generational Skool, the Sliding Scale Cafe and our Pachamama Community Garden.

As off-plantation poor peoples in resistance, we are activating with desperation, immediate and long-term need and never pimped liberation. We are already there every week sharing food from the garden and making street based media for our Street Newsroom.

Homefulness isnt based on a grant guideline or a lengthy capital campaign that becomes a Non-profiteer business of its own. We are just folks, in struggle and resistance, making it happen.With humility and love. Always.

Ase-O, Ometeotl, Semign Cacona Guari, Ahooo...

For all of you who helped to make this happen though your donations of time, work or dollars, so much Love, gratitude and prayers to you. If you weren't able to be here this time, but want to help us see this happen, consider making a donation at this link


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