ABC Poem

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 22 October 2013

Tony Robles

a guy with a

gray afro was

on the #14 bus

this morning


plowing through

the mission where

I first learned my ABC's






and on this bus

going though the neighborhood

it seems like our ABC's are

like those wooden blocks that

we played with as kids that would

eventually get knocked over


and the man with the

gray bumpy afro that

had once been smooth,

sits and watches the world

pass by the window


and another man, a brother,

calls out to him:

say man, that's a nice afro,

looks like the Jackson 5


and the man sings out

ABC, Easy as



and the guy with

the gray afro

sings out


it's simple as



and they kept

singing and the bus

kept moving like a

fish to the smell of water


and when the man

with the gray afro

finished singing the

last line, the other man

said, ok, you got to get

up and spin


and the man with the

gray afro turned slightly

and said


man, I ain't doin' all that now


he turned and

looked ahead with

a half smile


Afro still bumpy

just like the




'(c) 2013 Tony Robles


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