Recidivism Re-mix from the Inside Plantation : Prison Correspondent WeSearches Recidivism

Phillip Standin... - Posted on 14 January 2014

Factors which reinforce recidivism currently outweigh factors which address rehabilitation of criminal offenders. This is evidenced by our over-full jails and prisons, and has one beneficiary- Law Enforcement [corrections and the industries thriving by growth fueled by ineffective management of public funds, appropriated for “Rehabilitation" are inclusive to this designation].

One of the largest Assets that the so-called ‘Correctional’ industry has is Recidivism fueled by addiction to illegal narcotics. The “drug War” that has been fought by policemen, even though it is clearly [addiction which is a disease] the realm of expertise of trained Medical Professionals. [All drug crimes are legally defined “Health Safety Code violations]. Using policemen as a means to fight addiction is a misapplication of resources at best, and the “most destructive force at play in the Drug War” [when viewed in the context of policy choices].

Media plays a huge role in shaping public consciousness by controlling the dialogue of our society to espouse the ideas that are popular to, or serve the agenda of, media proprietors. Sensationalizing Heinous Crimes to vilify ALL of those whom are labeled “Criminal” sells papers, and builds prisons, but at the Expense not only of the liberty of our fellow citizens, but Billions of tax dollars as well. Be happy if you do not count yourself among the ‘sick’. [Addicted, by the fact of Genetic predisposition or Socially Conditioned to “Drug Culture”], or otherwise Socially outcast.

There is no Logic in supporting the idea that “throwing good money after Bad” will Somehow yield other results that the Continued growth of the prison corrections industry, at the expense of the persons liberty of the “few” [At a time-mark my words…]. Except for those whose interests are aligned against the interests of the public.

Interestingly enough, your “public servants” are not in any sense of the word “serving” the interests of the taxpayers (who pay them).

They Depend upon their own inefficient “service” to justify the “need” for growth in their industries (which is an increased burden on taxpayers).

The Recidivists trend is supported by more than addiction but has a self supporting factor Built into the Drug-culture which was birthed by the inception of our current (failed) policy regarding drug use in America. There is a better and more efficient means to deal with this and other social issues than to burden Law Enforcement [and taxpayers]. Without increase in narcotic trade- legalization of all drugs to be Dispensed only by Doctors. Take the power of unlimited expansion Away from Law Enforcement. And let Doctors heal the sick.


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