Jahi McMath: A Hellthcare Nightmare

Bad News Bruce - Posted on 18 February 2014

Queennandi X/ POOR News Network


The Jahi McMath story is one that inspires us to stand firm in our faith. It also inspires us to not always take the word and opinion of those who "practice" medicine- or what we at poor like to call it "wite science" as the last and definite answer. After a tonsil operation went awry early December of last year, Jahi McMath was written off and declared brain dead by staff at Children's Hospital in Oakland. The spirit  crushing way the staff handled the situation-and not owning up to their "practices" not being perfect in any way was insensitive. The attitude of "oh well, she's brain dead" was the obvious vibe that tell us that the hellthcare system is not a 100% human one. No one has the right to tell a family, or to make them feel like they should just give up on a loved one, and with the venom of taking offense as if the family is doing something wrong by fighting for their child's life. Is having faith and fighting to save a life a crime? Or have these staffers at CH been exposed as the hypocrites-with money that they are? I'm sure had it been one of their loved ones, they (with mad money) would have bent every rule or broken every bone to make sure that everything possible was being done for their child.
So this goes back to the age old wite nonsupremacy  unjust rule of who's deserving or undeserving. Money talks, and the underprivileged gets written off, plain and simple. I remember when I was pressured to take my younger brother off life support, because his organs were "needed". I refused and allowed for my brother Marcus to pass on his own, when it was time. It's bad enough I had to endure losing him, but to have the hospital staff nag me about pulling the plug so he could hurry up and pass away was a kick to the heart that I still feel to this day. I still had faith, why try and crush that? Worst yet, I received a $1800.00 bill for a headache pill and some water when I fell to the ground after I couldn't take seeing him the way he was.
Taking it back to our hoods, I have spoken personally to several different families about the hellthcare system, and how it serves us "common folks". I heard an frightening, exodus of stories- from being misdiagnosed, and being sent home with errors, leading to death. Like in the cases of Mama Dorothy Whitfield and Mama Trisha, sent home with internal bleeding and other ailments just to suffer and transition on. Just written off!
There are many, many stories of poor people and people of color not receiving the proper hellthcare due to lack of funds and inhumane attitudes. Mama Carol X was fine when she created her own medicine, using only natural medicine. Once she started the wite science medicine she transitioned on in a very short amount of time. I guess it pays not to deal in chance.


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