Resistance In Animated Music Video (Interview) & 411 on The Movie- FOREVER-LAND by Jim Lujan starring Kounterclockwise

Leroy - Posted on 04 March 2014

Leroy Moore, Kounterclockwise & Jim Lujan

Author note’s:  WHIP, the music video, has so many deep meanings in and outside of Krip-Hop Nation for me its social justice and collective resistance through video & song.  Wife and husband, Kaya  Carine Gabriel and Deacon Burns, team makes up, Kounterclockwise, a punk/hip-hop band from OH.  Deacon is a wheelchair user and with Kaya has experienced raw discrimination on many fronts of race, sex, class & disability.  With fabulous animated video/movie expert, Jim Lujan, both have created (in my book) the first animated music video representing Krip-Hop resistance toward avenues of oppression i.e. police brutality among others, call WIPE.


ALSO CHECK OUT THEIR NEW ANIMATED  FILM, FOREVER-LAND (Press release after the interview below.)


Krip-Hop Nation (KHN) First of all explain what this video/song WHIP means to you all and how all of us can relate to it and give us the roots of this song/video?


Kounterclockwise: The song Whip is basically about getting whipped and deceived by the government.  We are being whipped into submission.  It's based on Alex Haley's book "Roots."  Remember when Kunta's slave master kept whipping him and forcing  him say his slave name Tobey, "What is your name?." and he answered Kunta he was whipped again, "What is your name," until he finally submitted and said Tobey.  We as a people are still being whipped and oppressed into submission.  This song is a call to reverse and instead whip the oppressors.  In this video we win as all of us disabled and oppressed people get together and whip oppression.


KHN:  Tell us how did you all meet and explain the working process on this video.


Jim Lujan: Deacon and Kaya online contacted me. They had seen some of my cartoons on YouTube, and really liked my work.  I had other offers to do music videos, but their genuine love and knowledge of my work sold me. They gave me creative freedom on all the videos and I ran with it. Really inspiring working with them.



KHN:  We have come a long way!  I read that MTV back in the day gave Stevie Wonder a hard time about his video because of his blindness.  Now today we have your video and other outlets.  What is the future of this music video and do you think the music video channels are ready for it?


Jim Lujan: I don't think its even a question if the world is ready for it. I think its about being so good they can't deny you. Make them want what you do and they will make themselves ready. It's time now.



Kounterclockwise: We totally agree with Jim,  In 2013 it's time for us to be heard and people are more then ready to embrace our unique style.   The doors have definitely opened, now we have to push through them and give it all we can. 


KHN:  Please name the characters in the video and the plot:


Jim Lujan:  Whip takes place in "Hell County" (population zero) and features "Sheriff Evile and his wicked posse." They harass Kounterclockwise for no reason, arresting them and taking them to jail. Kounterclockwise use their one phone call to contact the Krip-Hop Army to come rescue them. All hell breaks loose.


Kounterclockwise: Yes and Leroy Moore calls the Krip-Hop Nation army into action to set us free and incarcerate the villain's of injustice.  We win!!!  Justice prevails and we all celebrate in a huge parade.

KHN:  Jim tell us was it hard to draw characters with disabilities and did this project change your view around issues concerning people with disabilities?  Also explain your process of putting together the story line.


Jim Lujan: Wheelchairs are hard to draw, but I've kind of made up my own version. A cartoonish wheelchair.  Not super-realistic, but functional. I think the more non-disabled people are exposed to and entertained by disabled artists, the ground will become more equal and any stigma goes away. Everybody has something to bring to the table. Just because someone has wheels under them, or a physical, intellectual disability, that doesn't make them any less of an artist.



KHN: As a husband and wife creative team tell us how this video and its storyline represents oppressive realities you two have to deal with out in the community.


Kounterclockwise: We have always experienced various forms of racial profiling and being stereotyped even before my accident.  Now that I’m disabled we experience it on a whole other level.  Our eyes have been opened to just how much more injustice people with disabilities experience.  We have grown closer and are fighting harder then ever before to see change.  We always fought for the misfits but now we are fighting on such a larger scale.  To expose the injustices of all people as we are all one in this fight for freedom and equality. 


KHN:  I know you all are working on something big.  Tell us!


Kounterclockwise:   We are working on our first full-length feature film called Kounterclockwise in Forever-Land.   FOREVER-LAND is a film about a hidden dimension where strange characters, creatures, and lands exist under the iron harsh rule of Infinitus…destroyer of all things funky. Kounterclockwise has been transported to this dimension to retrieve “the glove”, an item of cosmic importance, from the clutches of Infinitus. “Who shall wear the glove shall rule the funk of 40 thousand years”. Can Kounterclockwise save the universe from the reign of Infinitus, restoring the order of the funk , and rock the crowd in the process? HELL YES.  FOREVER-LAND is an animated hand drawn musical film created by Jim Lujan starring us and is currently in production . We’ve been wanting to do this for-eva…for-eva? For-eva-eva??


KHN:  Jim being from LA and into film/animation, do you think WHIP and the other work with Kounterclockwise will have an audience inside and outside of bling bling Hollywood?


Jim Lujan: I think the work I've done with Kounterclockwise is really powerful on a few different levels. I think general audiences will grasp the look and music right away, but there is always a really interesting subtext. It's pretty subversive, yet easy on the eyes and catchy to the ears. Our collaborations always run deep. Lots to notice with multiple viewings. Make good stuff and people will respond.


KHN:  Also this video/working relations breaks so many grounds beyond disability.  Jim you are Latino and Kounterclockwise are Black so in reality this video is a collaboration between race and disability.  Each one of you tells us your hopes around this video and future work for the brown/black community using cultural and video avenues.


Jim Lujan: I think we've connected so fast and deep that the issue of race has never played a role in defining our work together. Never ignored, but never something that consciously has effected us. At the same time, we'll always be whom we were born as. You need different flavors to make a great recipe. That is some love right there…true harmony!


 Kounterclockwise Absolutely!  This is what it's all about.

KHN:  How can people help in spreading not only your work but also your social justice message?


Jim Lujan: People can pass word along to their friends. Facebook, Twitter, email links to our work. The more eyeballs that see…the more fans we can pick up. The more fans, the more the message gets out.


KHN:  Give us your contacts and again what are your new projects together and separate from one another.


Jim Lujan: My own website is People can subscribe to our YouTube pages: and The Jim Lujan Animation Page is on Facebook, too.


 Kounterclockwise:  The Jim Lujan Animation Page is on Facebook, too. We have a mixtape called Pills in the works and it should be out by the end this summer. (the song "Whip" will also be on it)

 and we are working on another video for "Up The Nose" which is also featured on Pills and will be directed by William Neiheiser.   We will also put out the Forever-Land movie and soundtrack album by the end of this year. 
Here are some of our links:

and you can contact us at


Kounterclockwise in Forever-Land, a Jim Lujan Movie


(March 3, 2014) The KOUNTERCLOCKWISE in FOREVER-LAND Movie is Cleveland’s first sci-fi animated single hand drawn film based on the location of Cleveland created by Jim Lujan starring Kounterclockwise.


FOREVER-LAND is a hidden dimension where strange characters, creatures, and lands exist under the iron harsh rule of Infinitus…destroyer of all things funky. Kounterclockwise has been transported to this dimension to retrieve “the glove”, an item of cosmic importance, from the clutches of Infinitus. “Who shall wear the glove shall rule the funk of 40 thousand years”. Can Kounterclockwise save the universe from the reign of Infinitus, restoring the order of the funk, and rock the crowd in the process?


This positive, inspirational movie is produced by Jim Lujan who is known as an underground animated filmmaker for the following pieces of work: "Freakdaddy", “Spike and Mike” and Creator of “Sanjourno Must Die” on Rugburn” by Titmouse/Six Point Harness and is now working on a new feature film; Revengeance with music by Kounterclockwise along side Oscar nominated independent animator Bill Plympton.  Jim is also the winner of the Bill Plympton Indie Animation Award.  Jim really believes that this film is something special as "the film was an organic creation that just took off. It just happened because there was so much love for it. We've been having fun every step of the way and challenge each other (Deacon Burns) creatively. While I did have a road map, it's been a lot of fun to just go crazy and let it go where it goes. This film will do a lot of good. I truly believe that." Starring role Deacon Burns of Kounterclockwise wants the world to watch this film because “Kounterclockwise in Forever-Land is the first ever disabled hip hop inter-galactic animated hero that saves the day in a wheelchair! Now that’s some gangsta s!@# right there”.  Jim and Deacon have never personally met but have worked together for a straight year, and through the magic of technology completed this masterpiece.

Kounterclockwise was born out of Cleveland Heights as an alternative punk-hop act over a decade ago.  Lead, Deacon Burns is known for has worked with artists such as including DJ Swamp, Source, Yela Wolf plus many more.  Kounterclockwise has also scored the music for full-length feature film; Love Rome by Carter B. Smith and their beats were featured on the television show “Skate Maps.”

They have an album out named “Daylight Savings Time”.

In 2007, as the group was courted by several indie & major labels; fate took a wrong turn when Deacon had a tragic accident – breaking 5 vertebrae, several ribs, collapsed both lungs and had a hairline neck fracture. He suffered a severe spinal cord injury that resulted in paralysis of both legs. As a true entertainer, Deacon decided that the show must go on no matter what. Their concerts have been labeled as “visual art” and now turned actor and moviemaker, they premiere their first film - Kounterclockwise in the Forever-land Movie.  Jim & Deacon also produced the soundtrack for the movie, which includes 17 tracks.


The movie will be available March 11th on  Additionally, there are plans to premiere the movie in Cleveland after this date.  They are currently looking for distribution strategies for the movie.


For more information go to



About Jim Lujan:

About Kounterclockwise:


Web Site:





Release date: March 11th, 2014

Genre: Sci-fi Animation

Starring: Kounterclockwise

Directed by: Jim Lujan

Written by: Jim Lujan and Deacon Burns of Kounterclockwise

Screenplay by: Jim Lujan

Produced by: Jim Lujan & Scott Hinze

Music by: Kounterclockwise & Jim Lujan


For more information, please contact:

Mai Moore

Knowledgeable Marketing

+1 216-785-0010


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