GentriFUKation Killed Alex- the brutal murder by Po'Lice of Mission sun Alejandro Nieto

Tiny - Posted on 26 March 2014

Tiny daughter of Dee


(All the PNN-TV Video documentation can be seen at this link

“We don’t want to hear Alex’s murderers,” People shouted intermittently into the air of the Leonard Flynn Elementary school auditorium. The standing room only Town Hall was yelling above the Po'Lice as they spoke  about the murder of young Raza organizer, City College of SF student and beloved sun de la mision, Alejandro Nieto.


“At approximately 7:11pm 911 dispatch received a call, “ A Latin male in a bright red jacket is pacing near a fence,” said Po’Lice Greg Suhr as he recounted the events leading up to the murder of this peaceful young brother. My version of this 911 recount,” There is a Brown man left in the Mission, how did that happen? He must be here to hurt me”


GentriFUKation killed Alex.Everyone in the meeting knew this. From the young children like my own sun who goes to that humble public school, to the teachers, revolutionaries and abuelas waiting patiently to speak. The shooters were the gangsters in blue with their clique etched in a copper and iron star that they display on their chests.


“I am a friend and brother of Alex and I need to tell you that Alex wanted to be a probation officer, Alex respected the cops, so please respect the police,” said Eli Flores to the increasingly angered crowd.


“Alex was a peaceful, beautiful young man, he wanted to run for school board,” Guiliana Sorro, long-time Bernal Heights resident and organizer and widow of the leader and truth-teller Bill Sorro told me between tears at the Town Hall. 


“This was the weapon he was holding,” Suhr prevailed on through the intermittent shouts to recount the murder of this young leader by po’lice who allegedly mistook his legally possessed taser (Alex was an off-duty security guard with a license to hold that taser) for a “gun”.


“I used to be afraid of gangs with my two Latino suns, now I am afraid of the police shooting them,” a mother of two spoke at the Town Hall, holding back tears of a thousand lost suns.  


“At 7:14 the 911 reporter reported that the “suspect” was now eating sunflower seeds while resting his hand on the weapon,” Suhr added.


Alex, who was Buddhist, was meditating on the Bernal Hill. He was taking a walk he always took before he went on duty at a club. He was thinking. He was shadow-boxing. He was walking. He was alive while Brown in his neighborhood. The Mission. A neighborhood suddenly and rudely colonized by people who don’t understand our cultura, our traditions or our skin. Who see a Black or Brown man walking, convening or meditaing on something or somewhere they now have claimed as theirs for “jogging” or “picnicking”  and call us a criminal.


And then the kkkorporate media lies, crafted around, Euro-centric, Western Therapeutic Industrial complex values conveniently roll out to rationalize the cold-blooded profiling, and murder of a peaceful young man. “He was acting abnomal. He had a restraining order against him. He was struggling with mental health issues.” Multiple narratives rolled out since his shooting on March 21st, all leading up to a vague profile of mental instability of this young sun.


As the mental instability profile rolled out, I thought of my own troubled soul as I used to take my infant sun up Bernal Hill to rest in some modicum of nature. I would cry up there. Cry about my houselessness. Cry about my very sick Black/Indian mama. I would pray in the Yoruba tradition, calling out my ancestors as I stood and built small oferendas to Orixas. Even my melanin challenged, wite-looking self, was at risk. I would get sideways glances from the endless onslaught of $300.00 athletic show-wearing yuppies. I clutched my sun closer and quickly descended, realizing that this once peaceful mountain, long ago stolen from the indigenous Ohlone peoples was, in fact, being stolen again, by the new colonizers who hold I-phones and state-of –the art headsets and heart monitors, leaving no room for us.


I am praying for Alejandro Nieto’s spirit journey, like I am for Andy Lopez and Kenny Harding Jr and Oscar Grant and Derrik Gaines and Idriss Stelley and all the young suns who continue to be killed for being Black, Brown and young in this stolen indigenous land the colonizers call Amerikkka. I am also praying for all of us mamaz, daddys, abuelas, abuelos, tias and tios, still left in our gentriFUKed hoods, barrios, streets and homes. Praying loudly and in stolen, policed and gentrifyer overrun public spaces. So please if you see me pray with me, cause I think together we stand a better chance of not being shot.

March on Saturday for Alex Nieto 2pm from Mission Cultural Center-


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