No Justica en las cortes para inmigrantes/ No Justice in the kkkourts for immigrants

Tiny - Posted on 15 April 2014

Ingrid De Leon/Prensa POBRE

No Justicia en las cortes para los inmigrantes (scroll down for english)


No Justice in the kkkourts for Immigrants

The year started off and everything was going well with our family. However, on October 30, 2012 a tragedy occurred. Jose Antonio Matias Aguilion my nephew was murdered. He died from a gunshot wound that perforated his heart. It was horrible but what kept us going was our faith that justice would be served and that the criminals were jailed. Jose’s body was not returned to us, but we were given some peace of mind knowing that “justice would be served”. We believed that they would be on trail and serve time in prison for homicide. It was also very frustrating having to attend court and have to see the killer knowing that his hands had taken Jose’s life. I had so much anger in me. I wanted to tell him how wrong he was andthat god would punish him. He just sat there with an evil look on his face. On many occasions, my family and I would leave crying. I would cry out to God and pray.

I said to myself, if Jose had to die so that there would no longer be any more victims of homicide the sacrifice was worth it for the cause. We assumed our community would be safe without those killers running around in the streets. We really believed that they would spend there whole life in jail.

Unfortunately, Jose’s killer only spent one year in jail and was released. That is why his whole family today is devastated and angry. We believe the verdict was unfair. We are from Guatemala. We experienced a lot of corruption there, starting with the government and also with law enforcement. I never imagined that in America this would happen. I am so disappointed in this country, its judicial system and of course the racism that exists toward immigrants, people of color and other oppressed people! I thought our family would be safer in the US. Today, I am not sure what to believe. I am speechless! It angers me to know that Jose’s killer was set free because the jury declared him free! I’m heartbroken to know that the man confessed to the crime. Innocent? For taking a life? So Jose’s life is worthless? Hewas a human not an animal. He did no harm. Was it because he was undocumented that his life was not taken serious? I believe it was pure racism. The 12 people on the jury let the killer go free! Jose is gone and cannot defend himself. To them, killing a Latino young man illegal immigrants like killing an animal. was not a member of their family they did not care for his life. They had no facts.

I tell the citizens of this country because I know that the people in the government of those who have studied assist them like the jury. I don’t understand why this happened. The judicial system must change. They need more professional people. What happened then with the police’s work and the investigative work??? I am trying to figure out why it’s that we have police or detective systems in this country? In the end of the day normal common people have the last word in the case and discards the work and laws and later complain that the city and the country has so much violence if they are the ones setting the killers free and innocent folks are in prison. I ask for people especially those who are citizens that support crime because there is violence and that is the way they like to live. They judge the undocumented and they judge us and torment us to the point that we are deported and the killers, they are set free and inclusively give them an applause; I became very sad because of these unfair actions. I am heartbroken because of this news and that there is no justice because humanity has decided but I do know one thing-that the man is going to continue killing more people and I hope that its not one of their family members of those who decided to let him free that were on the jury. If it were the case, they would then cry and ask that there would be justice of which they will not find any.

Sadly, it’s the law of life and they get judged by the same system and at the time the system will not fail anyone. I do not know who were the 12 people on the jury and I would have loved to have looked them in the eyes and told them that there are no words that can console a heart who has lost a loved one in the up most violent way. But I will tell them that I forgive them for what they have done; give the killer the liberty even if he deserved to have paid with jail time for killing someone so violently. But I will say I forgive them for what they have done by giving them the liberty that man deserved to pay in jail for killing Jose. You were all not just by being racist and its fine. Remember that one pays for everything they do in life. You reap what you sow.

One thing I will say that man will pay! In my belief, God is a just God therefore he takes justice in his divine hand. He judges everyone for their deeds right or wrong. He also knows that there’s no justice in this country or in the world! I am in solidarity with the activists and organizers that work against police brutality and injustice!! We do not believe in the system that this country promotes and that is why we do not believe that we are being protected by their policies and corrupt system! I do believe in god and in this case that he his divine judge and he will judge according to his divine judgments!


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