my eyes

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

by Tiger Walsh

my eyes is on the horizon
waiting for the African sun to rise
shining truth dispelling lies
I spread my wings to fly
my eyes is on the horizon
watching the African sun set
my strength is from experience
to all I must connect

my eyes are on the horizon
as the moon rests in our chests
we spill our lives onto rotting pages
vomiting diseases of a colonial nation
we've been poisoned
but we glow stardust from our wombs
and our ancestors' tombs bleeding readily
to nourish the soil of our souls collective
Afric is our mother
and we are returning home for our lessons
ready for our schooling and our scolding
we are curious children always asking why
we fly half way across the world
to remember who we are
beofre when our breath beat to the rhythm of one
before my ancestors joined white supremacy and capitalism
into a holier than thou matrimony
detaching all of our spirits from our bodies
forcing nations of people
to either fill gravesr dig them
I am a product of 500+ years of genocide and colonization
born to profit off the enslavement
and broken backs of people of color
I made a choice
to expose
the truth of my ancestors the beautiful and the brutal
to fight
with every breath every day
with the people who are my true family
for the justice and freedom we all deserve
so I fly half way across the world
to remember who I am
today 21 years old
high femme
together we weave
our stories into the fabric of resistance
creating a new generation of living heroes
with the moon in our chest and
the stars on our breath
we be watching the African sun set


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