Phillip Standin... - Posted on 27 May 2014

March 25, 2014

Since you never recognized me even when in the closest contact with me, and since you doubt, You hardly believe that I exist. Why should I now become visible...When everything I see is brown, yet invisible to you at the moment.
It’s better that way as I ease my way up the social ladder, from lower class
Stratisfied, to revitalized, oppressed, suppressed to vital progress.

My invisibility has become my ally… It works in my favor in many ways
And if you do happen to see me I am certainly conscious.
You’ll be there to mangle and muffle and silence my progress.

So invisible at this time works for me
Only brown productive brown I wish to see…
Don’t contemplate on revealing my visibility cause in your heart
You know it’s not brown you wish to see
If that be the case there would be no politicking, litigating, advocating, the border tagging-and-bagging
Racial profiling
Stigmatization or provisions on brown, brown education that stratisfies my visibility.

Ignorant, voiceless, dumb and blind. Caged and enraged is what you wish to see
That’s your ideology of visibility
Not the reflections of my brown brown me.

You play on the concept that reality is invented, therefore you create your own perception, your own meaning of the truth what you (WISH or WISH NOT TO SEE).
Therefore I give you my brown reality!

Frida Khalo: (Inspire me) “The harmony of revolution is all but color, form, texture, and everything exists under one law: Life.”

Jose Clemente Orozco: (Guide me) “It’s in every artist’s nature to learn and evolve and attain artistic dignity...What is tragedy? To be at odds with oneself but not to blame others, to blame oneself.”

E. Zapata: (Empower me) “It’s better to die on your feet than to live a lifetime on your knees.”

Octavio Paz: (Educate me) “We are nihilists,” Paz said of the Mexicans, “Except that our nihilism is not intellectual but instinctive and therefore irrefutable.”

I refuse to believe the Raza is this big giant snake who bites everything in its path including itself. My brown grown me I open my eyes and now I see pride, education, cultural identity, goals, dreams, aspirations to achieve, nothing invisible (but reality and visible to me) my brown reflection, my brown brown me!


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