BB Guns

Tiny - Posted on 24 June 2014

Queenandi X/PNN Correspondent

June 17, 2014

I heard a young girl crying hysterically outside of my home, which kicked my maternal instincts into overdrive as I rushed to her aid. "They shot me with them BB guns!"

And before I could ask who, I saw 3 young boys tripping away from the scene attempting to flee. I caught up to them and asked where their parents were. "They're not home," is an answer I've heard before, but it did not get them out of a educational tonguelashing as I reminded them how dangerous it was to shoot pellet guns at other people—And at a GIRL!?!?

"Don't you know that the po'lice is killing ya'll behind those real-like guns?" After getting on the young boys' cases, I commanded that they take those pellet guns inside, and quick!

The spike in BB gun-related deaths is rising to an exodus level in the black and brown communities across the nation. Children like Andy Lopez, DeAunta Farrow, Noe Rojas, Michael Jones (who was shot 17 times) and countless others have been murdered by po'lice for possessing "real-like" BB guns, and many times the justification of these murders is the same old "kid was pointing the toy gun at officers" excuse.

Therefore our children receive no justice. BB guns are easily accessible from popular stores like Walmart, Big 5 and Sports Authority. They're known for selling them, making money hand over fist, and the types of BB guns on display are looking more and more real.

Why are these companies allowed to keep making these types of real-like weaponry when people, young and old alike, are being killed by the po'lice? If it is not the young boy who gets killed playing target practice, it's the adult who was fatally wounded at his home for having a fake gun at HIS Halloween party. No blind eye to those who utilize these toys to engage in criminal activity, either way we in amerikkka have a serious problem on our hands, and the lust for weapons and bloodshed is not a new subject here.

In Amerikkkan society, guns and violence are glorified in "history" books, TV, video games, po'lice terror and (C)rap music, but our children's blood is being spilled all across the country because the images they see and are taught become the reality they will emulate. Elder accountability plays an important role because we must teach our children to not repeat the cycle of violence against one another. Every time I see kids of color playing with pellet guns, they are always shooting each other while calling each other the "N" word, and it is sickening when the grown folks think its "cute"... No child looks "cute" in a casket due to miseducation and po'lice terror.

As a reporter and supporter of the hood with a duty and responsibility to bring awareness to the people, I urge Mamaz of color to cease the purchases of these deadly toy guns for our children.

The po'lice are killing our children over these toy guns and no one is held accountable, not the people who make these fake guns, nor the police who are shooting us. Another point I want to put out there to the people is I have witnessed children without supervision and guidance run amuck in the community shooting and seriously injuring one another, including a 3 year-old girl! This type of genocidal training is the onset of future black on black crimes and without discipline and elder accountability this poisonous cycle continues. 


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