Andy's Fight

Tiny - Posted on 15 July 2014

Jose Villareal/Pelican Bay SHU Correspondent for PNN

Cinco de Mayo, 2014

Your presence lives on in every struggle against brutality,
A precious life not spared the coarse nature of our reality,
A reflection of life under Amerikkka in these streets,
We yearn for the day youth need not worry about them folks wearing them damn sheets!

You were not allowed to reach your 14th birthday,
This tragedy was felt all the way up in Pelican Bay.
I was in my windowless cell when I got the news,
Mijito in our struggle for justice will not lose!

Today we are born into a repressive state,
Yet the beauty of the people is shown resisting on your birthdate.
Your precious life meant more than you would probably ever know,
Your small brown fist has already dealt them a mighty big blow.

Transformation has started due to this pig’s actions,
Look at the mobilization of people from so many factions!
Your fight began the day you were born,
Occupation will continue until the struggle becomes the norm.

Today we rebuild with liberation in sight,
There is no way in hell we will abandon Andy’s fight!


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