POOR Mamaz, Daddys, Daughters & Suns Stand with Ferguson, LA, Oakland and Palestine and all peoples in resistance to the Po'Lice/Military Terror that continues to murder, attack and terrorize our bodies of color in Amerikkka

Tiny - Posted on 15 August 2014

POOR Magazine Mamaz, Daddys, Youth & Elders in Resistance
POOR Magazine landless families of color struggling to survive through the violence of poverty, racism, criminalization, po'Lice terror, false borders, and militarization want to publicly declare the following:

As mothers and fathers of Young, Poor and/or Disabled children of color we refuse to lose anymore of our children to this undeclared war on our bodies Specifically, the bodies of our young Black and Brown children who are constantly at risk of attack by agents of the state who have been trained to kill first by a police culture of violence.

As revolutionary media makers and survivors of the WAR on the POOR we are clear that the terror our brothers and sisters in Ferguson have undergone since the death of 18 year young Mike Brown is not isolated, unique or strange, but rather, a targeted assault on our children who have been deemed worth more incarcerated in corporate prisons or dead, so our neighborhoods can be gentrified and re-colonized.

 In the same week/month of the tragic murder of Mike Brown, there was the Po'Lice shooting of unarmed Jacorey Calhoun killed by police in Deep East Oakland, Ezell Ford, a disabled, unarmed man shot while lying on the ground in Los Angeles, all while we mourn  the one year anniversary of the tragic shooting of Reefa Israel Hernandez. All of these while we hold the tears and pain in our collective hearts of Eric Garner, Kenny Harding Jr, Andy Lopez, Alan Blueford, Derrik Gaines, Raheim Brown, Ernesto Duenez Jr, Idriss Stelley, Antonio Lopez in San Jose and Constantino Garcia and Carlos Meija, the latter being two of the three young men killed in a very short span this year in Salinas , California.

And this is only a partial list of the victims of police terror in Amerikkka

That we all need to recognize, name and connect the dots between National Po'Lice terror that exists, under-girds the police culture in Amerikkka for the same reasons to protect the  stolen land of the settlers, colonizers, land-stealers who originally set up the laws, courts and police in the US to kill us,  to the murder and, genocide of our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond, who are constantly under attack from the same empire of colornizers who kill us here.
Finally, we want to put out a vision for our brothers and sisters across these occupied 1st Nations lands known as the US,  that the "answer" doesn't come from more trainings and legislative processes in the wite-supremacist kkkourts that were built by us poor and enslaved peoples for the profit of Wite supremacy. but rather it comes from learning from our brothers and sisters who live across these false colonizer borders in Guerrero and Michoacan, Mexico who have created a people-led non-state-involved autononmous defense force- Auto Defensas and Comunitaria Policia.

To decolonize our collective minds from the wite-supremacist controlled lie of security and Police in the first place. This isn't easy, fast or simple, but neither is losing our children to murder. We know, as we are walking this walk, and would be honored to share our practice with anyone or community or organization who would like to learn it.

To launch Police free zones like we are doing at the landless peoples movement known as Homefulness and no Police engagement mandates like our ancestors in the Black Panther Party did before us and we have done at POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE
And finally, to truly Decolonize our minds from the idea that police are or ever have been there to protect and serve so we never make that 911call and never invite them into our hoods, barrios, lands, communities, schools and neighborhoods. Never.

Signed - POOR Magazine Youth, families and elders in resistance to ALL Po'Lice terror locally and globally.


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