Power to the Pizza!

Tiny - Posted on 07 October 2014

Brother Y/PNN Correspondent

October 7, 2014

Revolution begins with I, and many of our greatest victories are individual acts of defiance, independence, and determination [IDID]. Often we poor folks don't have food immediately available to us when we are out protesting. We miss the soup kitchens because they are closed by the time we get back.

We can, however, save up various condiments from some of them, piece together staples from various food pantries and procure other food items the best way we know how.

Last week I did just that, and built a pizza almost completely from scratch. Starting with the crust I purchased fresh pizza crust from “Hipster Bro's” (Trader Joes) for $1.29.

The sauce was a can of tomato sauce I had spirited away from a free food pantry.

The first layer of ingredients was sauteed mixed greens as well as sauteed zucchini and white summer squash I got from “poor peoples' free farm stand.”

Next I added green tomato and peppers from Pachamama Garden, and a jar of green olives from a potluck dinner thrown by the soup kitchen I volunteer at.

Next I added vegetarian pepperoni crumbles, vegetarian Italian seitan crumbles, and sauteed onions from a free food pantry.

The final ingredient of mozzarella cheese I paid $1.99 for at a discount grocery store.

My final cost was less than the cost of a slice of pizza at most pizza places, with more ingredients than most large pizzas!

I followed the directions that came with the dough and followed my own taste otherwise. I am not an experienced pizza chef so don't feel intimidated but if you have more experience making pizza than me, maybe yours will look a lot prettier!

My final creation I dubbed the beast from the east because a good amount of the ingredients came from the landless peoples movement in deep East Oakland known as “Homefulness.”

Who made my dinner? IDID!


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