Sidewalk Grannies Marketplace

Tiny - Posted on 07 October 2014

October 2014

Along with many things that are ever-changing in San Francisco is the crackdowns on the sidewalk grannies marketplace.

The sidewalk grannie market is generally elder female Chinese immigrants presumably selling odds and ends that they get for free.

They generally have fewer than 20 items at a time that range in price from 1-3 dollars.

The fact that most of them are elderly and barely speak any English if at all is a tribute to how desperate they are for this added income and a shame on the city that has its first Chinese /Asian American mayor in history, who apparently has no love or respect for the struggle of his forbearers, who made it possible for him to be where he is today.

Where is the humanity, love and compassion that was once the hallmark of San Francisco, a city that could once truly brag about its diversity, inclusion, and care for all of its citizens?

In a city like San Francisco, the mayor's office should be instrumental in forming some sort of entity that will help these elders utilize their life experience or make their language barrier a strength, rather than a liability that criminalizes their survival skills.

We can and should do better for our elders who have born so many burdens for us, yet in their time of need there are those that would send police to ticket or arrest them rather than lend a helping hand or guide them to the goods and services they need to not only survive but thrive as well.

These people could be trained to seek out others who speak their language during emergencies or other disasters.

When will the people who have come to our city, and use their privilege of wealth as if it's a right, and push around the people who made this city the great metropolis it once was, go away and return it to its greatness?

The incidents of these grannies being cited or run off is extremely disheartening, being that rules and laws are being bent for workers in the tech industry, for example sharing Muni bus stops with the Tech shuttle buses.

Hipsters and yuppies spread all over sidewalks while waiting in line to eat in trendy food places or bars without a single word being uttered by the police.

There is no such thing as elders living to an age of no longer being useful.

A purpose should be found for these folks, as elders are jewels of any society for their history experience as well as wisdom that they can pass along.


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