Power Tu D People!

Tiny - Posted on 14 October 2014

Brother Y/ PNN Correspondent

October 7, 2014

Several years ago former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom shared his vision of making SF the greenest city in America while in office. In more recent years Mayor Ed Lee has invited many tech giants into the city which has caused real estate prices to increase drastically. I have an idea that can address the holes in these two mayors' visions for the city.

With the drastic increase in real estate has come the displacement of many longtime and life-long residents of SF. They've had to seek housing in other places, some as close as the East Bay some farther away. This even resulted in Poor Magazine having to relocate to Deep East Oakland.

Many of these folks still have jobs and other obligations in SF, and have to commute long hours back and forth across the Bay.

Within the last year Muni has donated used buses to an organization called Lava Mae so they can be used as mobile showers for the homeless. (I almost want to say this was an idea that was stolen from me but it is far more important that people have their basic human needs met than to argue about who gets credit.)

I would however like to propose an idea that Muni donate outdated diesel buses to the people, for an organization run by the people, that get converted to bio-diesel and/or solar power to shuttle displaced people back and forth across the Bay.

Big tech giants have helped sponsor Lava Mae. Why not get bio-diesel and other green organizations to donate labor and parts to make this a reality?

On my way to the office today I notice the renewable energy fair was still happening. I stopped and talked briefly to a representative of Luminalt, a local woman-owned solar power company. Hopefully we will work together in the future.

Many of us rode a big yellow bus to school as kids. It's time we ride a big green bus to work not only to help our displaced brothers and sisters but also to honor our Mother Earth.

Power Tu D People!


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