Bart Blues

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 06 November 2014

Years before a foot
of track was laid for
the Bart system

my father collected
record albums with
miles of tracks pressed
into the grooves

he had hundreds of them
and he always handled
them by the edges

he didn't want to
get fingerprints, scratches
or dust on them

said it would
ruin the sound

(not to mention waste his hard earned money from his trusted Janitorial
job over on Van Ness Ave)

But as much as
he tried to take care of those
albums, he couldn't keep some
of them from warping and getting

and those albums would
spin like a wheel going
east, west, north, ,south
or whatever direction our
minds took us

Miles, Monk, Lou Donaldson,
Sonny Rollins, Willie Bobo

My dad had 'em all
and many others

and over time my
father lost album after album
like leaves falling from a tree,
like a friend dying

and in the Bart station
in the morning those lost
albums and songs are found
among yesterday's newspapers,
wet cardboard and the footsteps
of those with places to go

a man with skin the color of
yesterday's coffee sits with his
horn in a florescent flood of light

his breath a husk
of a note

the fog lifts and
a new song is given birth,
warped, scratched

and we pass by
heading towards
the escalators, the

in a direction
of our own

(c) 2014 Tony Robles


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