Under the Bus

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 27 January 2015

Brother Y/ PNN Correspondent

January 21, 2015

The transparent liar Ed Lee has done it again: first by throwing elderly and disabled people of color under the bus with an unreasonably harsh policy of punishing fare evasion; and then by pretending to be a hero by agreeing with the SFMTA’s recent proposal to extend free Muni to elderly and disabled patrons as it has previously done for the city’s youth.

Prior to Lee's mayoral term, Muni was essentially free to anybody who boarded the bus from the rear. People were rarely questioned or stopped. Part of Lee’s efforts to “clean up the city” has been cracking down on fare evasion, thus making it even more difficult and expensive for poor people to live in one of the most expensive cities in California as well as the entire country.

Now it's getting closer to Ed Lee's potential second elected term as mayor. Many of the people impacted by his fare evasion crackdown are, like himself, of Asian descent. No political candidate in history in this country has ever won an election by not carrying the vote of his own people. One dead alleged fare evader and at least one severely beaten alleged fare evader later, the policy has not only turned out to be fruitless but a waste of city funds that could be used on much worthier causes.

On the steps of City Hall at noon this week, many elders and disabled spokespersons sat holding signs alongside community leaders and local politicians. Many of the elders were Asian descended females but all types were present. Many spoke asking for clarity about what will happen with the new proposal to make Muni free to elderly and disabled people.

At about 12:45 most of the demonstrators went inside to hear how the city board members would cast their votes.
My friend Mira Ingram and I were asked by a local news station about how the new change would impact us.

By 5pm that evening I got the news via Facebook that the Board approved the new measure to go into effect March 1 2015.

Under the bus then over it: even yoyos ain’t got no tricks like that!


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