City of 10,000 Apps

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 10 June 2015



A selfie can make
You healthy, wealthy
And wise

If a selfie doesn’t
Do it, there’s always
An app

An app to erase
Your memory, erase
Your conscience clear

An app to wash
Your dog

An app to
Brush your
Teeth (or your dog's teeth)

An app to remove
Unwanted things, namely
Seniors, people of color,
Houseless people

(Leaving behind, of course
Their murals and art)

There’s an app
To wipe your

Or an app to get
Someone else to
Wipe your app

An app to make
Your coffee

An app to wipe
The fog from your

And app to wipe
Thick gravy from
Your mouth

And app to
Buff your nails

And scrape your
Tongue and floss
Your teeth

And for you artisan
Motherfuckers, an app
To pour your beer

Oh, and lets not

An app to rub your
Hairy little b*lls
And make French

Now, isn’t
That just nice?


© 2015 Tony Robles


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